Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute



CCC&TI operates advising and registration on both campuses. Students wishing to take classes on a particular campus should make every attempt to be advised and registered on that campus. CCC&TI will make every effort to make registration equitable to both campuses, but due to space restraints this may be difficult.

Registration Information for Current Students

Students MUST meet with their advisor to have their registration restriction removed before registering for classes through WebAdvisor.

Who is my Advisor?

Registration Information for New Students and Returning Students

Students that will be attending CCC&TI for the first time, or students that have taken classes at CCC&TI in the past but are not currently enrolled:

Have you completed the following?

Before registering for classes, make sure you have done the following at least 2 weeks prior to registration:

  1. Apply for admission to CCC&TI. Contact Student Services at 828.726.2711 or 828.726.2706 (Caldwell) or 828.297.2185 (Watauga) for help with your application or to get more information.
  2. If transferring credit from another college, seeking a degree/diploma/certificate, or registering for courses with prerequisites, submit official transcripts from high school, High School Equivalency/AHS and college(s) at least two weeks prior to registration.
  3. Confirm your admissions file is complete by calling Student Services at 828.726.2711 or 828.726.2706 (Caldwell) or 828.297.2185 (Watauga).
  4. Complete New Student Orientation.


New Student Orientation Sessions (online and seated) are designed to assist students with their college experience and become familiar with the campus and services of CCC&TI.

Sessions are open to students applying for the Summer 2019/ Fall 2019 semesters whose admissions file is COMPLETE. (This includes all transcripts.)

* Students with incomplete admissions files will be asked to reschedule orientation upon completion of the admission process.

Go ONLINE to sign-up for Orientation!    Sign-up NOW - Seats are limited.

Registration Calendar

Fall 2019 Registration

March 25 - 26

WebAdvisor is available for Priority Registration for currently enrolled students. Registration window is based upon completed credit hours.

$ If registered during this time, payment is due by August 1 at 6:00PM.

March 27 - August 1

WebAdvisor is available for all students to register for classes.

$ If registered during this time, payment is due by August 1 at 6:00PM.

August 14

Deadline for dropping classes and receiving a 100% refund.

August 15

Fall classes begin

August 15- 16

Drop/Add will take place between 8:00AM – 7:00PM on Thursday, 8/15 and from 8:00AM to 5:00PM on Friday, 8/16 in Student Services. All Drop/Add forms require an advisor signature.

$ If dropping, students will receive a 75% refund. If adding, payment is due at the time of registration.

Beyond August 16

All NEW students wishing to register, from this date forward, should be encouraged to register for late start classes (12 week, 8 week, 4 week). All payments for late start classes are due at the time of registration.

Tuition and Fees

Please visit our Tuition web page for detailed information about current tuition rates and other fees.

Tuition and fees are payable by the dates listed on the Registration Schedule page and can be paid at the Business Office on either the Caldwell Campus or the Watauga Campus. Student can also pay tuition and fees online through WebAdvisor with a MasterCard or Visa.

Students interested in a tuition payment plan should visit our Tuition Payment Plan web page for all the information needed for setting up a payment plan.

For more information:

   (828) 726-2200
   (828) 297-2185