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CCC&TI DL Help Desk (Email Support)
Monitored from 8:00am-8:00pm Monday thru Thursday and 8:00am-2:00pm on Friday.

Moodle Technical Support (24/7/365)
Online Support Center or
call 1.866.851.5713.

Kristin Harrison
Director, Distance Learning
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Interested in Taking a Distance Learning Course:

Find out all the in and outs on how to go about taking Distance Learning courses.

What types of Distance Learning Courses do you offer?

  • Internet Courses - Internet courses are courses offered via the internet using a course website. CCC&TI uses Moodle to deliver our internet courses. These courses are distinguished in the course schedule by having a section number in the 620's.

  • Hybrid Courses - Hybrid courses combine traditional classroom instruction with the interactivity of an Internet course. Part of the course will be seated in a classroom while the other part will be online. These courses are distinguished in the course schedule by having a section number ending with C or W, excluding 700C and 700W.

  • Information Highway (Video Conference) Courses - Information highway courses use an interactive video conferencing medium, which enables students to come together from multiple locations with instructors for face-to-face instruction, discussion, collaboration, and problem solving. The majority of the video-conferencing courses are between the Caldwell and Watauga campuses. The video-conferencing classrooms at CCC&TI are equipped with two-way audio and video equipment that permit all students to participate fully in the class, regardless of location. All necessary technologies are available in the classroom. Information Highway course have section numbers in the 700's and 780's.

Is Distance learning for me?

Use the links below to help determine if you are ready to take a Distance Learning course.

Frequently Asked Questions about Distance Learning
  • How do I register for a Distance Learning Course?
    Admissions and the registration process is the same for all classes.
    For more information view the Admissions Process page.

  • What is the cost for a Distance Learning Course?
    CCC&TI tuition rates apply to all classes offered through Distance Learning.
    See the tuition page for current tuition and fees.

  • Do I need an advisor to take a Distance Learning Course?
    Yes, you must have an advisor.

  • What courses do you offer via Distance Learning?
    View the Distance Learning section of the schedule for a list of courses offered via Distance Learning. Internet courses have section numbers in the 620s. Hybrid courses have section numbers in the 680s and 780s. Video Conference courses have numbers in the 700's.

  • Is Financial Aid available for Distance learning students?
    Yes, financial aid is available for all students.
    For more information please see our financial aid site.

  • When do distance learning courses begin and end?
    All Distance Learning courses, including online courses, follow the traditional academic calendar. Distance Learning courses will appear under your Moodle account on the first day classes begin for the semester.

  • When will I have access to my Distance Learning courses?
    Students will not be able to access their courses until the first day of class according to the college calendar. If you are able to login to Moodle, but do not see your course listed, please contact your instructor first.
    • For a student who registers during any registration before the first day of classes and completes tuition payment , his or her account will be active on the first day of class.
    • For a student who registers on the first day of class or after, his or her account should be active no later than the third business day after their tuition payment has been received.
Distance Learning Online Orientation is a requirement when taking a Distance Learning course.  Find answers to your questions about the online orientation here.
  • What is Distance Learning Orientation?
    Read the Letter from the Director for semester specific information about Distance Learning Orientation. View the Distance Learning Orientation Video.

  • What Courses require Distance Learning Orientation?
    Internet, Hybrid, and Web-enhanced courses require you to complete the Distance Learning Online Orientation. These courses are distinguished from regular courses by their section numbers.
    • Internet Courses : 620's section numbers
    • Hybrid Courses   : 680's or 780's section numbers
    • Information Highway Courses: 780's section numbers

    If you are unsure of your section number, you can find it listed in the schedule.

  • Do I have to complete the orientation if I have completed it in a previous semester or course?
    You must complete the orientation for each Distance Learning course you are enrolled in regardless if you have completed it in previous semesters. This shows entry into the course.
Have questions about using Moodle? Use the FAQ's to answer your questions.
You will find answers to questions about logging in,
when courses will be available and lots more.
  • Where do I access Moodle?
    You can access Moodle from the CCC&TI home page ( https://www.cccti.edu ). Click on the M icon located in the right side of the home page. Or you can click on For Students then Moodle Login. The direct link to Moodle is https://cccti.mrooms.net/

  • How do I log into Moodle?
    Use the instructions on the Moodle Login page.

  • What Browser should I use? When accessing Moodle you will need to use one of the following browsers:
    • Mozilla FireFox 12.0 or lower
    • Safari 5 or lower
    • Internet Explorer 9

  • Who do I contact for technical help or questions? You have several different options when you need help with Moodle. We offer a CCC&TI Email Help Desk. This is a designated Email account monitored by CCC&TI trained Distance Learning technicians. This service is available from 8:00am-8:00pm Monday – Thursday and 8:00am-4:00pm on Fridays.

Distance Learning Staff

Kristin Harrison
Director of Distance Learning,
B-117 Caldwell Campus, WIF-102A Watauga Campus
Kharrison@cccti.edu, 828.726.2707

Caldwell Campus

Emily Nestor
Instructional Designer
B-116 Caldwell Campus
WIF-102A Watauga Campus

Margo Rice
Distance Learning Technician
B-135 Caldwell Campus

Richard Miller
Video Conference Assistant
B-135 Caldwell Campus
rmiller@cccti.edu 828.759.4646

Watauga Campus

Jeff Miller
Distance Learning Technician
WIF-102A Watauga Campus
828.297.3811 ext. 5234    

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