Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

MyCCCTI Login Instructions

Welcome to the MyCCCTI Portal

CCC&TI has implemented MyCCCTI Portal to give students and faculty access to services such as Email, Moodle, WebAdvisor and more, all in one place.

Use this link to access the MyCCCTI Login page:

Link to MyCCCTI

How to change your MyCCCTI Portal / WebAdvisor password?

Please use one of the link below to access the appropriate Self Service Password Portal.

It is strongly recommended that you utilize the ENROLL feature to set up personalized security questions for managing your password.

Student Self Service Password Portal

Employee Self Service Password Portal

New to the MyCCCTI Portal - Here are your NEW User Name and Password

  • Your user name is first 4 letters of your first name followed by your middle initial followed by the last 5 digits of your student id.
    • If your are a STUDENT, your login will be your user name followed by ''
    • Example:

    • If your are an EMPLOYEE, your login will be your user name followed by ''
    • Example:

    NOTE: If your first name does not contain 4 letters, use your full name, middle initial, and last 5 of your student id. If you have NO middle initial or name, use your first 4 letters in your first name, and last 5 of your student id.

  • Your password is the capital letter C followed by your full 7 digit student id followed by the * (asterisk symbol)

User Name and Password Examples

  • For Jane Marie Doe, student id = 0099879
    • If she is a student, her new user name would be:
    • If she is an employee, her new user name would be:
    • Her password would be: C0099879*

  • For Jon R. Doe, student ID 0087665
    • If he is a student, his new user name would be:
    • If he is an employee, his new user name would be:
    • His password would be: C0087665*

Common password mistakes:

  • Forgetting the capital C at the beginning
  • Forgetting the * (asterisk symbol) at the end

Need help? Call us!

Note: If you are having issues with MyCCCTI when you are using the Chrome Browser, try Internet Explorer or Firefox.

  • Myra Moore – 828.726.2701
  • Susan Proietti - 828.726.2735
  • Teresa Asherbraner – 828.726.2734
  • Lisa Helton – 828.726.2738