Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

Library FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Library

Where is the library?:
The library (also known as the Learning Resource Center or LRC) is located on the second floor of E building on the Hudson campus, and in building W460 Room 119 on the Watauga campus.

What is NC Live?
NC Live is an online library. It provides free access to e-books, journals, newspapers, magazines and more. Find it at

What is the NC Live password?:
The 14-digit number on your library card is your NC Live password. If you don’t have a card, call 828-726-2309 or email for the universal password. If the library is closed, use the Ask a Librarian chat box on our library webpage to request a temporary NC Live password.

Can someone at the library help me find sources?:
Absolutely! Ask for help at the desk, or if you are working off campus, call 828-726-2309. You can also email your questions to (responses within 24 hours on business days). If the library is closed, use the Ask a Librarian chat box on our library webpage for assistance.

What is a "scholarly" or “peer-reviewed” article and why does my instructor want me to find one?:
Scholarly articles are written by experts. CCC&TI instructors often require students to use scholarly materials from the library or access them through NC Live, which includes free academic and peer-reviewed sources. Keep in mind, the internet takes you to websites; NC Live takes you to scholarly articles.

Are study rooms available?:
Five study rooms are available at the Caldwell LRC for group or individual use. Rooms can be reserved up to one week in advance for a maximum of two hours per day.

Does the Library have a printer or scanner for students?:
Yes. Printing costs are .10 per page.

Does the Library have a photocopier or a scanner I can use?:
Both the Caldwell and Watauga LRC locations have printers and scanners. Black & white printing is .10 per page. Color is .50 per page.

Does the Library have a copier or a fax machine for students?:
The Library does not have a copier or fax machine for student use.

Do I need to sign in to use the computers in the LRC?:
No. All computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I use my own laptop in the library?:
Yes. Outlets and wireless access are available throughout the building. Unfortunately, you cannot print from your personal laptop.

Can I charge my phone at the library?:
Yes, the library has a charging station and a variety of chargers.

How do I find a specific book?:
Use the Library Catalog to search by title, author or subject. Books can also be borrowed from other NC community colleges free of charge. Library staff is always happy to help you find materials you need! (Remember, NC Live is an online resource. It does not display books from the CCC&TI library.)

What if the book I need is on your other campus?:
Books can be sent between campuses (48-hour turnaround time).

Can I check out headphones?:
Headphones (traditional and noise-cancelling) are available at the desk. These cannot be removed from the library.

Do you have Microsoft Word? Excel? PowerPoint?:
Yes, these programs are installed on all of the library computers.

Can I use the library computers for Moodle? Email? Facebook? Gaming?:
All LRC computers have internet access, but are for school-related work. If you are using recreational programs during busy times, you may be asked to give up the computer for another student

My professor left something "on reserve" in the library, where can I find it?:
Instructors leave reserve items at the desk. Because these items are used by many students in each class, they cannot be removed from the library.

I need these books longer than 3 weeks—how can I keep them?:
Renew books in person, over the phone (828-726-2309), or by email (

Oops, my books are late. How much are fees?:
Late fees are .10 per book, per day. The library has a bookdrop on the breezeway in Hudson so you can return items when the library is closed.

What happens if I lose a library book?:
You must pay to replace the item. Charges over $20.00 block your college account and keep you from registering for classes or receiving transcripts.