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Please visit our COVID Response page for info about the CCC&TI response to COVID-19.

Please visit our COVID Response page for info about the CCC&TI response to COVID-19.

TRIO/Student Support Services

Welcome to TRIO

TRIO/SSS has served over 1300 participants at CCC&TI since its inception here in 1993. Its mission is to provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and serve to motivate students towards the successful completion of their post-secondary education.

TRIO/SSS Eligibility & Application Process


TRIO/SSS provides a system of personal and academic support to help students reach their goal of college graduation.

You may qualify for the program if you are any of the following:

  • a first generation college student with neither parent having earned a bachelor’s degree

  • a student with financial need as established by federal guidelines

  • a student with a disability who needs specifically designed instructional materials, modified physical facilities, or related services in order to participate fully in opportunities offered by CCC&TI

  • a student with academic need, as defined by TRIO/SSS

Program Spotlight

Application Process

For more information and to see if you qualify for the TRIO/SSS Program, please call Becky Boone at 828.726.2729.

TRIO/SSS Newsletter

Front page of TRIO Tribune

Each issue is available in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the free Acrobat Reader, please download it from the Adobe website. Did we mention its free?

TRIO/SSS Announcements

  • Look for TRIO service group monthly meeting dates on the group's calendar board in the TRIO office.

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