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Please visit our Covid Response page for info about CCC&TI's response to COVID-19.

Please visit our Covid Response page for info about CCC&TI's response to COVID-19.

Student Life

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Virtual Student Activities While the Campus is Closed

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Student Life and Activities

CCC&TI believes that student participation in extracurricular activities contributes to the total development of the individual. Student Life includes clubs, student organizations, Student Government Association, intramural sports, Athletics, festivals, speakers, and events to engage the student body in the campus community and the community at large. Involvement in Student Life activities help students gain skills like reasoning, self-awareness and development, interpersonal interactions, group dynamics, civic responsibility, communication, strategic planning and personal behavior.

For information on the Hudson Campus you can contact Kim Lackey, Director Student Activities @ or 828.726.2301. For information on the Watauga Campus you can contact Diane Mazza @ or 828.297.2185

Student Government Association (SGA)

What is SGA?

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the curriculum student body of CCC&TI. The purpose of the SGA is to serve as a united voice of the students, provide medium for leadership development, promote self-government within the student body in order to support students' rights, responsibilities and code of conduct and lead the student body in extra-curricular and student-life activities. SGA takes responsibility in promoting various activities and opportunities for out of class learning, social contacts, entertainment, and self-governance. General Assembly meetings are held to provide an opportunity for the student body to interact with the SGA and learn about upcoming events on campus.

Officers are elected in the spring of each year to serve the student body the following year. SGA Senators are elected in the fall and spring semesters. The elected officers strive to promote the general welfare of the students in a democratic fashion.

SGA meets weekly on the Caldwell Campus Monday’s at 12:30 in Room E-111. SGA meets weekly on the Watauga Campus Monday’s at 12:00 noon in room 126 building 406.

SGA Officers

Back Row:
Meredythe Galliher - President, Sunny Storie - Caldwell Treasurer, Kim Lackey - Student Activities Director, Savanah Bremer - Watauga Secretary, Makayla Stinson - Caldwell Secretary
Front Row:
Brianna Swanson - Caldwell Vice President, Addy Isenhour - Watauga Senator, Diane Mazza - Coordinator Student Activities, Michaela Waters - Watauga Vice President, Cassidy Calbreath - Watauga Treasurer
Not pictured Lauren Deimler - Watauga Senator

Meet Your 2020-2021 SGA Officers

Caldwell Campus

President Meredythe Galliher

Meredythe Galliher is a native of Statesville, NC and is starting her second year at CCC&:TI. She is pursuing an Associate in Arts degree and plans to transfer to a university to work on advanced degrees in psychology. In Spring of 2020 she served as SGA Vice President on the Caldwell Campus in Hudson. In addition to her involvement in SGA, Galliher is also involved with TRIO, the National Society of Leadership and Success and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Galliher, who served as a senator for the Fall 2019 Semester, says that her fellow SGA representatives encouraged her to seek the President position. She says that she hopes to use her position in student government to encourage involvement from her fellow students. “I want to use my position to show students that even though we are a two-year institution, we can strive for student involvement by having fun and exciting activities on campus,’ She said. “I want us as a student body to collaborate when possible and for everyone to be proud to be a Cobra!” In addition to her studies and her on-campus involvement, Galliher loves animals and counts herself an animal rescuer. “Currently in my care is a pig named Pablo Pigcasso, a ferret named Clyde, and a snake named Pippin,” she said.

Meredythe Galliher

Vice President Brianna Swanson

Brianna Swanson

Brianna Swanson is from Lenoir and is working toward her Associate in Arts degree. She says she decided to attend CCC&:TI to give herself time to figure out a plan and to save money on tuition. Swanson says she plans to earn her Associate in Arts degree at CCC&:TI and then transfer to a four-year university and study American History and Elementary Education. Swanson says she decided to get involved with SGA because she knew she wanted to help on campus and connect to students from all walks of life. “I want to spread information and to relate to students more,” she says. “I want the students around me to really understand the opportunities they’re offered at the college and ways they can make their educational journey better.” In addition to SGA Swanson is also involved in the National Society of Leadership and Success, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and TRIO. In her spare time, she enjoys true-crime and sci-fi shows and taking care of her pets: two cats and a snake.

Secretary Makayla Stinson

Makayla Stinson is a native of Lenoir and says she decided to attend CCC&TI because of all the great things she’s heard about the institution over the years. Stinson is planning to earn degrees in both Medical Office Administration and Office Administration. Stinson is also a member of TRIO and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She says that she decided to get involved with SGA so that she can make a difference and help her fellow students take advantage of all the opportunities available to them. In her spare time she enjoys reading and helping others.

Makayla Stinson

Watauga Campus

Vice President Michaela Waters

Michaela Waters is originally from Dahlonega, Georgia and says she decided to attend CCC&TI’s Watauga Campus to earn transfer credits. Eventually, she hopes to transfer to Appalachian State University to study Theatre Education. Waters decided to get involved with SGA to strengthen her leadership skills and for the opportunity to serve the campus and the community. During her year as secretary, she says she learned a huge amount about herself, working as a team and creating a positive environment for CCC&TI students. “I loved working on this campus so much that I decided to run for Vice President to further my growth and continue what we started. I am honored to have been voted into office.” Waters says she hopes to encourage campus involvement and create opportunities for all students to give back to the community. “My goal is to find the best way to serve my fellow students and make CCC&TI a place where everyone feels welcome.” In addition to SGA, Waters is also involved with TRIO and serves as the secretary of the Global Students Club. She also has a work-study position in Student Services. In her spare time, Waters says she has a passion for environmental conservation, music and music culture, and says in her free time “I can generally be found on my longboard somewhere around Boone.”

Michaela Waters

Secretary Savannah Bremer

Savannah Bremer

Savannah Bremer is a resident of Blowing Rock who is pursuing an Associates Degree on CCC&TI’s Watauga Campus. Once she’s completed her degree, she plans to transfer to Eastern Michigan University. Bremer has an autistic younger brother and she says that starting her education at CCC&TI has enabled her to stay close to home and close to him. “Next year, he’s getting accepted into a school in Ann Arbor, Michigan that will help prepare him for life beyond school which is why I chose Eastern Michigan University.” Bremer says that choosing to start out at CCC&TI has given her lots of opportunities she would not have had otherwise. “I qualify for a Pell Grant that has helped me pay for my semesters and books in full, the smaller student to professor ratio has helped me get the one on one help I need because of my learning disability. I’m grateful to CCC&TI for all the experiences and excellent level of education they have provided.” After transferring to EMU, she hopes to study business and marketing and also eventually earn a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Bremer hopes that her time with SGA will help her learn more about the college, improve her public speaking abilities and also make a difference for students who might feel lost or nervous as new college students. “I plan to use my voice for positivity and acceptance. A college is a place where everyone should feel welcome to be themselves!” In addition to her studies, Bremer also enjoys reading and has a long resume of volunteer work throughout the years, beginning at the young age of ten. She volunteered with the public library system, Mountain Alliance the and the Horse Helpers project, River Clean-Up, St. Baldricks Foundation fundraising, the Red Cross and more.

Senator Addy Isenhour

Addy Isenhour moved briefly from Hickory to Sugar Mountain and, during that time, started her education on the CCC&TI Watauga Campus. She said she fell so deeply in love with the Watauga Campus that she wants to finish her Associate Degree there despite having moved back to Hickory. “I love how small the class sizes are, how welcoming each and every professor is and how we are all like a small family,” she said. Isenhour is in her second year at CCC&TI and plans to transfer to ASU to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice or Psychology and complete ASU’s Police Development Program. In addition to SGA, Isenhour is also involved in CCC&TI’s Global Scholar’s Program and club and is a member of the PTK National Honor Society. Isenhour says she decided to get involved with SGA because she wants to encourage other students to get involved and participate in campus activities and also be a student leader, making changes to better the institution for all students and employees. In her spare time, Isenhour, who is fluent in Spanish and obsessed with Harry Potter, also enjoys reading, swimming, concerts and shoe shopping. She says her dream job would be to some day work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Addy Isenhour

Senator Lauren Deimler

Lauren Deimler

Lauren Deimler grew up in Hertford, NC and also lived for a time in New Orleans before recently moving to the Boone area. She says that after moving, she decided to go back to school and knew that CCC&TI would be a good fit for her. “I knew CCC&TI was a good fit for me when I read about our transfer programs. This is the best place for me to dip my toes back in the water after being out of academia for 9 years.” Deimler is in her second semester at CCC&TI and is working on an Associate in Art degree with plans to transfer to Appalachian and earn a bachelors degree in accounting. Deimler says she decided to get involved with SGA because she enjoys connecting with other students on campus and helping others whenever she can. “I realized what SGA was doing for the students and I knew immediately that I wanted to be involved in whatever capacity I could,” she said. “I want to bring a fresh perspective and I want the students here on the Watauga Campus to feel like they can come to us, their SGA representatives, for any reason, or if they just have something they’d like to share.” In addition to her studies and her work with SGA, Deimler also has a work-study position helping with Instructional Design and also has several self-proclaimed “nerdy passions” such as role-playing games and comic books.

Watauga Campus Treasurer Cassidy Calbreath

Cassidy Calbreath, from Charlotte, NC, is currently enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing Program on CCC&TI’s Watauga Campus. Calbreath says that she decided to become a Cobra because of the “amazing nursing program.” She goes on to say, “Caldwell has one of the best nursing programs in North Carolina. I have learned so much from going here this past school year and have had some wonderful instructors that really care about my education and my success.” Once she completes her nursing degree, Calbreath plans to start her nursing career and also continue her education with a bachelor’s degree. She says that she decided to get involved with SGA because she wants to help out around campus and be hands-on with activities and interactive with other students. Calbreath says she hopes to use her time in SGA to bring new ideas to the group, help share information with her fellow students and help get more of them involved in campus activities. Calbreath says she also loves to read and, because she did gymnastics growing up, she also works at a gymnastics center in Boone.

Cassidy Calbreath

SGA President Letter to the Students


My name is Meredythe Galliher. It’s with great joy that I welcome you all back for a year full of exciting events and personal growth here at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve as the Student Government Association (SGA) President for the 2020-2021 school year for both the Caldwell and Watauga campuses.

So you’re probably wondering what exactly SGA does.
We are here for you, doing whatever we can to improve your experience while you’re here with us! We serve the student body as a united voice to ensure everyone has the best possible experience during their academic career within our institution. SGA also provides a place to give students the opportunity to grow as leaders, and we participate on varying committees throughout the college to ensure the student body’s voice is heard. We plan events to ensure each student has the best experience possible, uniting all of us through Cobra pride.

All of that is great and all, right? But how can we help you personally?
Well, our office doors are almost always open, so if you ever need anything, like to voice an idea for an event, to inform us of something you would like to see on campus, or to even just let us know that you need a friend to talk to, feel free to stop by our office, located across the hall from the bookstore. All of our SGA representatives, myself included, will be glad to assist you in any way we can!

Do you want to get involved on campus?
There are organizations all across campus that will most likely pique your interests. I highly recommend joining one (or more than one) of these groups! I was worried about fitting in last fall when I joined SGA, but within this group I’ve made lifelong friends with people I may have never met otherwise and found a group that supports my endeavors as a student and as a member of our community.

We have a fun-filled year planned, and we can’t wait to bring everyone together to create lifelong memories with each and every one of you! I wish you the best in your classes this year, and I thoroughly look forward to learning and growing with you as the year progresses. I’m glad to have you here as a part of the Cobra family, and as always, Go Cobras!


Meredythe Galliher
Student Government Association President

Meredythe Galliher

The Student Government Association (SGA) Constitution is available in a PDF format for your review.

Voter Registration:

Upcoming Events

General Assembly (3/8/2021)

See calendar for more events

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  • Other Discounts

Club Opportunities Beyond Regular Activities

General Information

C.O.B.R.A., is an incentives program instituted by the CCC&TI SGA, gives clubs greater opportunities for involvement in the Student Government Association. Each club is asked to appoint or elect a representative to attend General Assembly Meetings. These club representatives will make up the majority of the SGA Senate and will have the ability to enact legislation according to the SGA constitution.

To learn more about this incentives program, visit the C.O.B.R.A webpage.