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Please visit our COVID Response page for info about the CCC&TI response to COVID-19.

Please visit our COVID Response page for info about the CCC&TI response to COVID-19.

Student Life

Student Life / Student Activities / Student Government Association

Student Life and Activities

Creating Community & Connection Through Involvement!

CCC&TI believes that student participation in extracurricular activities contributes to the total development of the individual. Student Life includes clubs, student organizations, Student Government Association, intramural sports, Athletics, festivals, speakers, and events to engage the student body in the campus community and the community at large. Involvement in Student Life activities help students gain skills like reasoning, self-awareness and development, interpersonal interactions, group dynamics, civic responsibility, communication, strategic planning and personal behavior.

For information on the Hudson Campus you can contact Kim Lackey, Director Student Activities @ or 828.726.2301. For information on the Watauga Campus you can contact Diane Mazza @ or 828.297.3811

Student Government Association (SGA)

What is SGA?

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the curriculum student body of CCC&TI. The purpose of the SGA is to serve as a united voice of the students, provide medium for leadership development, promote self-government within the student body in order to support students' rights, responsibilities and code of conduct and lead the student body in extra-curricular and student-life activities. SGA takes responsibility in promoting various activities and opportunities for out of class learning, social contacts, entertainment, and self-governance. General Assembly meetings are held to provide an opportunity for the student body to interact with the SGA and learn about upcoming events on campus.

Officers are elected in the spring of each year to serve the student body the following year. SGA Senators are elected in the fall and spring semesters. The elected officers strive to promote the general welfare of the students in a democratic fashion.

SGA meets weekly on the Caldwell Campus Monday’s at 12:00 noon in Room E-111. SGA meets weekly on the Watauga Campus Monday’s at 12:00 noon in Student Commons building 460.

SGA Officers

Front Row:
Kelly Cathcart-Treasurer Watauga, Sandra Bowers-Parliamentarian Caldwell, Fabiola Euceda-Senator Caldwell, Taylor Ivosic-Secretary Caldwell, Diane Mazza-Advisor Watauga
Back Row:
Kim Lackey-Advisor Caldwell, Makayla Stinson-Senator Caldwell, Jordan Murphy-Vice President Watauga,
Back row standing on ledge:
Brianna “Roman” Swanson-President, Emily Norwood-Vice President Caldwell
**Not Pictured** Sarah McLean, Treasurer Caldwell Campus & Cassidy Calbreath Senator, Watauga Campus.

Meet Your 2021-2022 SGA Officers

Caldwell Campus

President Brianna “Roman” Swanson

Brianna Roman Swanson is from Lenoir and is working toward an Associate in Arts degree. Swanson says they decided to attend CCC&TI to give them time to figure out a plan and to save money on tuition. Swanson says they plan to earn an Associate in Arts degree at CCC&TI and then transfer to a four-year university and study American History and Elementary Education. Swanson says they decided to get involved with SGA to help on campus and connect to students from all walks of life. “I want to spread information and to relate to students more,” said Swanson. “I want the students around me to really understand the opportunities they’re offered at the college and ways they can make their educational journey better.” In addition to SGA, Swanson is also involved in the National Society of Leadership and Success, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and TRIO. In their spare time, Swanson enjoys true-crime and sci-fi shows and taking care of their pets: two cats and a snake.

Brianna Roman Swanson

Vice President Emily Norwood

Emily Norwood

Emily Norwood is from Newton, NC and came to CCC&TI for the Culinary Arts Program. She is currently working on two degrees in both Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management and hopes to one day work at Disney World or at a Las Vegas casino. Norwood says that she was very involved as a student at her high school and decided that she also wanted to be involved during her college experience, as well. “I decided to look into clubs I could join, so I joined SGA in the Fall of 2020 and I couldn’t have made a better decision,” she said. Norwood says she hopes that she can help her fellow students feel more comfortable on campus as we all transition out of the pandemic. Norwood also hopes to work toward making the college more accessible. “[I hope to] make the campus more accessible to those who have trouble getting around [by adding] more handicapped parking and automatic doors,” she said. “I also want to focus on making community college more accessible to those who have trouble paying for college.” In her spare time, the self-proclaimed “theatre-nerd” loves spending time on You Tube, trying new things and boba tea.

Secretary Taylor Ivosic

Taylor Ivosic is from Taylorsville and says she heard about CCC&TI from friends who attend the college and who had good things to say about their experiences. “I never heard a negative thing from them. It made my decision [to come to CCC&TI] very easy.” Ivosic started her educational journey at CCC&TI in 2018 and is currently enrolled in the Business Administration program. She plans to eventually transfer to a four-year institution and earn an accounting degree. Ivosic says that she decided to get involved with SGA to strengthen her leadership skills and get more involved in campus activities. As a parent, she also wanted to set a good example for others who are working to balance their responsibilities at home while working toward their academic goals. “I want to spread kindness and be a role model for others who are also parents who are starting or returning to college,” she said. In addition to SGA, Ivosic is also President of CCC&TI’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Ivosic is also a competitive powerlifter and has a love for unusual pets such as her tailless whipped scorpion, bearded dragon and leash-trained chickens.

Taylor Ivosic

Treasurer Sarah McLean

Sarah McLean

Sarah McLean is a Caldwell County native and currently a senior at the Caldwell Early College High School. McLean will graduate with both her high school diploma and her Associate degree in May 2022. She plans to transfer for Gardner-Webb University and major in biology. From there, McLean hopes to move on to medical school and pursue a career as a radiologist or a forensic pathologist. McLean says that an instructor encouraged her to get involved with SGA and she hopes to use her time in office to make a difference on campus and help fellow students have the best possible experience while at CCC&TI. In addition to her involvement with SGA, McLean is also a member of the CECHS Beta Club, CECHS Interact Club, Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society and the National Society of Leadership and Success. McLean is also a competitive dancer and competes in a variety of dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, modern and clogging. She has performed at numerous events and festivals and has even danced in Times Square with the Rockettes for a 9/11 tribute show.

Parliamentarian Sandra Bowers

Sandra Bowers

Sandra Bowers is originally from Collettsville and decided to attend CCC&TI because it offered an affordable, close-to-home option where she could start working toward her educational goals. As a care-giver for her father, staying close to her home community was an important factor for Bowers, who is currently a part-time student working on her Associate in Arts degree. She hopes to continue her studies and eventually earn a Bachelor’s degree in religious studies and anthropology. Bowers says she decided to get involved with SGA to learn more about being an effective leader and because she values the opportunity to serve her fellow students and help them enhance their college experience. “I will be encouraging students to join in all the activities we offer and to be active students.” Bowers is also involved in CCC&TI’s TRIO Student Support Services program, the Independent Women’s Group and Global Scholars. She’s also a proud grandmother to eleven grandchildren and loves spending her spare time with family on camping trips, and with her Pit Bull/Labrador mix, Pickles. Bowers says that her experience thus far at CCC&TI has already made her an advocate for the institution. “My oldest granddaughter is fifteen and is taking honors classes. I am encouraging her and hoping she chooses CCC&TI to begin her college experience because my experience here has changed my life.”

Senator Fabiola Euceda

Fabiola Euceda Hernandez

Fabiola Euceda is from Lenoir and says she decided to attend CCC&TI to save money on tuition. She started taking classes while still in High School at Hibriten and is now enrolled full time working toward her Associate in Science degree. She plans to transfer to a four-year institution and earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Euceda says that she decided to get involved in SGA because her sister was also involved and had a great experience. She hopes that through her position, she can encourage her peers to get involved and have fun while they are a student at CCC&TI. In her spare time, Euceda enjoys gaming, music and spending time with her new dog.

Watauga Campus

Vice President Jordan Murphy

Jordan Murphy is originally from Morganton but moved to Boone with his girlfriend, who is enrolled at ASU. “I knew I needed a fresh start and CCC&TI was the best place for me to do that,” he said. He is currently working on his Associate in Arts degree and plans to transfer to NC State University and pursue a degree in Sports Management and eventually, enroll in law school. Murphy says he decided to get involved with SGA to get to know more people from the area and strengthen his leadership skills. He also hopes to encourage others to get involved, as well. “I want to increase student engagement and hopefully help the college find ways to increase enrollment. I want CCC&TI to feel like a place anybody can be and feel welcome,” he said. Murphy is also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and is in CCC&TI’s Global Scholars Program. Murphy also works as a bar tender in Blowing Rock and loves spending time with his dogs, Mia and Uzi.

Jordan Murphy

Treasurer Kelly Cathcart

Kelly Cathcart

Kelly Cathcart is originally from Bristol, Tenn. but says she moved around a lot growing up. She landed in North Carolina in 2017. She says that she decided to enroll at CCC&TI because her husband had attended the college and had a great experience. She is in her second year at CCC&TI and is currently working toward her Associate in Science degree. When she completes her associate degree, she hopes to continue her education in the field of forensic science at NC State University. Eventually, she hopes to have a career in genetics and DNA studies for an organization like DNA Doe Project, a non-profit volunteer organization that works to identify crime victims using forensic genealogy. In addition to her work with SGA, Cathcart is also involved with TRIO/Student Support Services, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and CCC&TI’s Global Scholars program. She hopes that through her involvement in SGA that she can create a sense of community for her fellow students. “I hope to help students know more about CCC&TI and feel that they are part of a community that is there for them,” she said. In her spare time, Cathcart enjoys gardening, baking, reading and playing video games.

Secretary Cassidy Calbreath

Cassidy Calbreath, from Charlotte, NC, is currently enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing Program on CCC&TI’s Watauga Campus. Calbreath says that she decided to become a Cobra because of the “amazing nursing program.” She goes on to say, “Caldwell has one of the best nursing programs in North Carolina. I have learned so much from going here this past school year and have had some wonderful instructors that really care about my education and my success.” Once she completes her nursing degree, Calbreath plans to start her nursing career and also continue her education with a bachelor’s degree. She says that she decided to get involved with SGA because she wants to help out around campus and be hands-on with activities and interactive with other students. Calbreath says she hopes to use her time in SGA to bring new ideas to the group, help share information with her fellow students and help get more of them involved in campus activities. Calbreath says she also loves to read and, because she did gymnastics growing up, she also works at a gymnastics center in Boone.

Cassidy Calbreath

SGA President Letter to the Students

Hello, everyone!

My name is Brianna, and I have been lucky enough to be elected the President of the Student Government Association (SGA) for the Caldwell and Watauga campuses. I can usually be found in the SGA office on the bottom floor of E building just around the corner from the bookstore on the Caldwell campus. Please stop by if you ever need anything. SGA is here to serve you!

What is the Student Government Association?

The SGA works to bring extracurricular activities to campus and to represent you on a variety of committees. Some examples of the committees we attend include Executive Council, Academic Affairs, and College Planning Council. Here we work to make sure student voices are being heard. Not only do the aforementioned events provide the chance for soft skills attainment, but they also give students a positive outlet to channel their college related stress.

Benefits of Becoming an Involved Student

Becoming an involved student across campus will allow you to grow both personally and professionally. Involvement will open doors to internship opportunities, scholarships, and meeting others with similar beliefs and backgrounds. We want to help you become acclimated to college one step at a time. By becoming involved, you can cultivate a college experience that is all your own! You will take these experiences with you beyond CCC&TI to ensure rich opportunities ahead. We hope to see you join us this upcoming year in becoming an involved student.

What Involvement has Done for Me

Being a first-generation college student, I had no clue how to navigate post-secondary education. However, I was able to learn about the TRIO organization, which is specifically catered to aiding first generation college students! From meeting with Becky Boone, I was able to become more involved across campus, making my transition into my college journey so much easier. I connected to other clubs and organizations such as Ambassadors, NSLS, PTK, and the Global Students Club where I could easily volunteer my time and feel more connected to my campus community. Now in my last year at CCC&TI, I have ample experiences all across campus which have given me many tools to take to the next level of my educational career and relationships that go far beyond the walls of the college.


Brianna Roman Swanson
Student Government Association President 2021-2022
Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

Brianna Roman Swanson

The Student Government Association (SGA) Constitution is available in a PDF format for your review.

Voter Registration:

Upcoming Events

Black History Month Art Contest (2/1/2022 - 2/18/2022)
General Assembly (2/7/2022)
Club Rush (2/14/2022 - 2/18/2022)

See calendar for more events

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