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Please visit our COVID Response page for info about the CCC&TI response to COVID-19.

Please visit our COVID Response page for info about the CCC&TI response to COVID-19.

COBRA - Club Opportunities Beyond Regular Activities

Membership Awards


Membership Guidelines

Each semester, clubs must submit an application form to participate in C.O.B.R.A. Application form is at the top of this page. Registration for C.O.B.R.A. is open throughout the semester; however, clubs can only use as documentation activities they participated in after they registered for C.O.B.R.A. through the SGA.

Supporting Documentation is the sole responsibility of Club Members. Supporting Documentation will be submitted as a whole packet. Clubs will only submit documentation when all the activities have been completed. The club’s Senator will be responsible for communicating with SGA and for submitting all required documentation. Tracking form is at the top of this page.
Exception: General Assembly meetings will be tracked by the SGA.

All press releases and articles must go through Edward Terry, Public Information officer for CCC&TI.  Clubs may not contact the newspaper directly. See Media Request Form in Appendix A at top of page. 

  • Application for participation in C.O.B.R.A. turned into SGA found at the top of this page.
  • Supporting Documentation for activities completed
    The maximum amount the club can earn each semester is $150.
    Each activity counts as 1/3, and money will be earned by 1/3. 
    1/3     #1 General Assembly Meeting Attendance ****MANDITORY
    1/3     #2 Separate Club Activities
    1/3     #3 Supporting Campus Activities

For instance, a club could participate #1 and #3 and receive $50.00 for #1 and $50.00 for #3 for a total of $100.00 for the semester.

Clubs will be responsible for tracking their progress during the semester and providing supporting documentation for all activities completed.  All documentation must be presented at least one week before exams but can be turned in when the club has completed all activities.

Clubs earn money for participation in the following activities:

#1 General Assembly Meeting Attendance
Club’s Senator will attend all General Assembly meetings of the Student Government Association throughout the semester.  Meetings are posted on the Cobra’s Calendar, located on the web page under “Current Students.”  Meetings will also be communicated to advisors and the club’s Senator through e-mail.
If the club’s Senator is unable to attend the meeting, the senator must inform the Club’s Advisor who will send an alternative representative.

Supporting documentation: SGA General Assembly sign-in sheets with Senator’s name and club’s name.  These will be maintained by the SGA.


Submit an article for the SGA online newsletter.  Article information must be received by SGA on the Friday before the scheduled General Assembly meeting. Submit your article by filling out this form. Newsletter Form.

*Attending the General Assembly Meeting OR submitting an article for the SGA Newsletter is MANDITORY for participation in COBRA*.

#2 Separate Club Activity
The club/organization will participate in a separate activity which can be held on or off campus (ex. participate in fund raiser on campus/SGA sponsored Festivals/Club Day, or organize a work day for Habitat for Humanity, participate in Komen Race for the Cure, or other preapproved activity see appendix A,  etc.)

Supporting documentation: Pictures of the event or sign in sheets from the event or a press release with information about the event.

#3 Supporting Campus Activities
Clubs or Organizations can provide volunteers for SGA sponsored activities to earn money.  Clubs and organizations are asked to donate at least four hours of volunteering for this activity. Volunteers will contact SGA with day and times they play to participate. SGA sponsored Festivals, Blood Drives, Constitution Day, Intramurals are examples of times volunteers are needed.

Supporting Documentation: Sign in with SGA the day of the event, indicate what club they are representing and volunteer for four or more hours total during the semester. Most events include set up time, time during the event and clean up time. Example: 4 persons can volunteer 1 hour each to help set up during Fall Festival.