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Conversational Spanish

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute offers the following Personal

Conversational Spanish I

Learn real-world, relevant language skills to communicate with Spanish speakers in our community. Discover tricks and tips for picking up Spanish fast! Emphasis is on learning useful phrases and vocabulary, which we practice in class through small groups and engaging exercises to develop ability and confidence. No previous Spanish language instruction necessary.

Conversational Spanish II

For students who have at least a small foundation of Spanish study, we build up our skills to have more in-depth and complex conversations. Working with vocabulary and phrases necessary for all kinds of situations, we expand our abilities to engage in real world conversations such as might occur while traveling, while interacting with clients, employees or simply chatting with a Spanish-speaking neighbor.

Spanish for Health Care Providers

Geared specifically for health care professionals, we learn relevant vocabulary, practice essential phrases, and develop the confidence to inform, assist and gather information from Spanish-speaking clients and patients. Cultural issues related to health care are also covered. Previous basic Spanish experience/training is helpful but not required.

Future Classes

The Spanish courses are taught throughout the year. Visit the Online Schedule page to see when Spanish classes are scheduled.

Additional Information

Contact Continuing Education and Workforce Development Department Monday - Thursday 8 am - 8 pm  and Friday, 8 am - 5 pm at 828.726.2242.