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Residential Wiring

Residential Wiring

This course provides the knowledge and skills to become an electrician or pursue other careers in the electrical trade.

Program Description

These courses provide the knowledge and skills for becoming an electrician or pursuing other careers in the electrical trade. It includes theory and practice on:

  • electrical circuits
  • Ohm’s law
  • alternating and direct currents
  • series and parallel circuits
  • electrical tools and equipment
  • preventive maintenance and troubleshooting
  • electrical components and symbols
  • distribution systems
  • use of the NEC (National Electrical Code)
  • electrical blueprint reading

Hands-on instruction in standardized wiring techniques, methods, and materials will take place with instructor supervision in a lab equipped to simulate real conditions.

This course consists of three classes: Levels 1, 2, and 3 for classroom and hands-on training.

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Introduction to Residential Wiring (Level 1)

The course provides an introduction to:

  • the electrical trade
  • electrical circuits
  • theory and safety
  • conductors and cable
  • device boxes
  • hand bending
  • residential electrical services

Students will learn basic electrical wiring concepts, electrical theory, Ohm's law and types of services for residential applications.

Intermediate Residential Wiring (Level 2)

Builds upon the skills learned in Level 1.

Students will study:

  • alternating current
  • motors theory and application
  • circuit breakers and fuses
  • conductor installations
  • terminations and splices
  • conduit bending
  • grounding and bonding
  • pull and junction boxes

Students will expand their knowledge of the National Electrical Codes, calculations, wiring devices, and troubleshooting.

Advanced Electrical Wiring (Level 3)

Builds upon the skills learned in Level 2

The course will provide advanced study in residential wiring techniques. Topics will include:

  • advanced controls
  • fire alarm systems
  • HVAC controls
  • heat tracing
  • freeze protection
  • motor operation and maintenance
  • medium-voltage termination and splices
  • specialty transformers

Cost (Scholarships are available.)

Registration Fees

  • $190 Level I
  • $187 Level II
  • $182 Level III

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