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Mental Health Technician

Mental Health Technician

Program Description

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills for safe, therapeutic care to patients with mental and behavioral health needs in an effective and ethical manner.

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to take the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians (AAPT) Level 1 certification exam and qualify for entry-level positions within the special mental/behavioral health care programs. The course covers topics such as patient rights and documentation, trust and communication in health care, safety in the workplace, common psychiatric disorders, and chemical dependency and its effects.

Topics will include:

  • History of mental health care
  • Identifying normal growth and development
  • Importance of trust and communication in health care
  • Proper safety in the workplace
  • Chemical dependency and its effects
  • Common psychiatric disorders
  • Proper documentation for patients
  • Understanding and respecting patient rights

Mental Health Technician at work


Item Cost
PSY-7000 Mental Health Technician Course $181.00
Required Textbook $63.00

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