Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

Please visit our Covid Response page for info about the CCC&TI response to COVID-19.

Please visit our Covid Response page for info about the CCC&TI response to COVID-19.

Library FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Library

At the Library

Where is the library?:
The library (also known as the Learning Resource Center or LRC) is located on the second floor of E building on the Hudson campus, and in building W460 Room 119 on the Watauga campus.

What are the library's hours?:
The Caldwell Campus library is open:
Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 8:00pm and
Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm.
The library is closed on weekends.

The Watauga Campus library is open:
Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 8:00pm and
Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm.
The library is closed on weekends.

Can someone at the library help me find sources for a paper or project?:
Absolutely! Ask at the desk for help, or if you are working from off campus, call (828.726.2309 or 828.297.3811). You can also email your questions to (responses within 24 hours on business days).

Are group study rooms available? / How do I reserve a study room?:
Five study rooms are available at the Caldwell LRC for group or individual use. Use is on a first come, first serve basis. Students can reserve the room up to one week in advance for a maximum of two hours per day.

Does the library have printers I can use?:
Yes. Printing costs are .10 per page.

Does the Library have a photocopier or a scanner I can use?:
Both the Caldwell and Watauga LRC locations have a black and white copier available for students. Copies are .10 per page.

The Caldwell LRC has a scanner for student use.

Does the Library have a color printer, color copier, or a Fax Machine I can use?:
The library has a color printer. Color printouts are .50 cents per page.
The library does not have a color copier or fax machine for student use.

How do I pay for printing/photocopying?:
There are several print card dispensers located on campus including one in the Caldwell campus LRC. On the Watauga campus, a card dispenser is located across the hall from Academic Support.

You will need one dollar to start with.

Do I need to sign in to use the computers in the LRC?:
No. All computers are open for use on a first come first serve basis. We also have laptops for your use in the library.

Can I take a laptop computer home with me?:
No, laptop computers are provided to patrons to use in the library only.

Can I use my own laptop in the library?:
Yes. We have several areas for you to plug up your laptop and the college provides wireless access throughout the building. Unfortunately, you cannot print from your personal laptop.

Can I get tax forms at the library?:
The LRC does not keep printed tax forms. Check with your local public library.

Can someone at the library proofread my paper and works cited list?:
While library staff members are glad to help find sources for your paper and/or answer basic citation questions, we do not proofread papers. Please use the Online Writing Center or visit the Writing Center in person. No appointment is needed.

How do I find a specific book?:
Use the Library Catalog to search by title, author or subject.
(Remember, NC Live is an online resource. It does not display books from the CCC&TI library.)

Can I check out headphones?:
Yes. Ask at the desk for headphones. These cannot be removed from the library.

Do you have Microsoft Word? Excel? PowerPoint?:
Yes, these programs are installed on all of the library computers.

Can I use the library computers for Moodle? Email? Facebook? Gaming?:
All LRC computers have internet access, but are for school-related work. If you are using recreational programs during busy times, you may be asked to give up the computer for another student

My professor left something "on reserve" in the library, where can I find it?:
Items placed at the library information desk by professors are called reserves - these may be videos, textbooks, software, articles or more. They are reserved for student use, but only in the library. Unless particularly permitted by an instructor, they do not check out.

Where can I find a list of library workshops and tours?:
Instructors often schedule tours and workshops during class periods. If you would like to schedule a personal tour or information session, please call or stop by the library.

On the Watauga campus, most library workshops take place in the LRC. Please contact Jan Bailey to schedule a session (828.297.3811).

Online Resources

What is the NC Live password?:
Students, faculty and staff use their 14-digit library card number to access NCLive. You can find that number on the back of your library card. If you don't have a library card, please stop by the library or apply online If the library is closed, use the "Ask NCKnows" chat box on our library webpage to request a temporary NCLive password.

What is NC Live?:
NC Live is an online library. It provides free access to e-books, journals, newspapers, magazines and more.

What's a "scholarly article" and why does my instructor want me to find one?:
A scholarly article is written by an expert in the field. CCC&TI instructors often require students to use scholarly materials from the library or access them through NC Live, which includes free academic and peer-reviewed sources. Keep in mind, the internet takes you to websites; NC Live takes you to scholarly articles.

I tried to use an e-book from home, but it needs a username and password. Can you help?:
Many e-books are listed on the library's catalog. To access these materials, please contact the library for the current username and password. NC Live also provides e-books, but these are accessed directly through and require your library card number as your password.

I need to find literary criticism, where should I look first?:
Many library books include literary criticism. Look for series like Critical Insights, Bloom's Modern Critical Views and Modern Critical Interpretation in the library catalog. You can also access online literature databases from the Library website . Look for the heading "Literary Databases" under the blue search bar on the right side of the page.


Does the library have textbooks?:
While your instructors are encouraged to leave a copy of their textbook for you to use in the library, our budget does not permit us to buy textbooks for students to check out.

What kind of books and magazines do you have?:
The collection ranges from academic books and periodicals for your assignments, to bestsellers, children's books, and popular magazines like People and Seventeen.

How do I get a library card? Does it cost anything?:
The library card is free. You will need to fill out a brief form and show a current ID (driver's license, student ID or government-issued ID).

How much is a replacement library card?:
A replacement card is $1.00.

How many books can I check out at a time? Are there any limits on how many per author/subject?:
Most students can check out up to 10 items. Community users and some special groups of students are limited to 5 items at a time. There are no limits by subject or author.

Can I check out a magazine or newspaper (periodicals)?:
Periodicals on the Watauga campus do not circulate.

On the Caldwell campus, you can check out older issues of magazines, just not the most current issue. We keep most magazines for one year and certain academic journals for five years.

Newspapers cannot check out. We keep issues for one month. Periodicals are also available on NC Live.

Can I check out a movie?:
Yes, students can check out up to 3 DVDs at a time for one week. Some DVDs may be reserved for "instructor use only".

What is a Reference Book and can I check them out?:
Reference books are for library use only. You can make copies, but you can't check them out.

I need these books longer than 3 weeks, how can I keep them longer?:
Library books can be "renewed" or checked out for an additional three weeks by request. Most items can be renewed once. To renew books online, login to your library account. You can also renew your books by talking to library staff, in person or over the phone.

However, if an item has been requested by someone else, you will not be able to renew it. Items that belong to other colleges also have special rules about renewals.

How many times can I renew a book?:
Most items can be renewed once. However, if an item has been requested by someone else, you will not be able to renew it. Items that belong to other colleges have special rules about renewals.

Oops, my books are late. How much are late fees?:
Late fees are .10 per book, per day. If you have 4 items checked out, this adds up to .40 for each day the items are overdue. However, you can renew items by phone, online, or in person to keep them longer without accruing fines. The library also has a bookdrop in the breezeway in Hudson so you can return items when the library is closed.

What happens if I lose a library book?:
We hope you never lose a library book, but if you do, you are responsible for paying our cost to replace the item. If you think you have lost an item, please try to speak with our Library Director at the earliest possible time. Lost books, items not returned by the end of a semester, or fines over $20.00 will trigger a block on your college account, keeping you from registering for classes or receiving copies of your transcript.

What if the book I need is on your other campus?:
We can send books from the Caldwell campus to the Watauga campus (and vice versa). Please allow a 48-hour turn around time.

I'd like to get a book you don't have - can you help me?:
Of course! We can borrow books from many other libraries. If the book is at one of the community college libraries in CCLINC you can place a hold on it directly from the catalog. There is no fee. Each college library has different rules about what it will lend. Generally, items that are noted as Reference, New Books, Bestsellers, DVDs, Videos, and Audiobooks will not be lent.

If you cannot find the book through the CCLINC catalog, please talk to a librarian. We'll be glad to see if we can get the item through other inter-library loan options, however, some of these options will have fees or other associated costs.

What is my User ID? What is my library PIN?:
Your user ID is the number on the back of your CCC&TI library card. Your PIN is a 4-digit number you created when you filled out your library card application. If you've forgotten your PIN, contact us. We can't tell you what your old PIN was, but we can reset it with a new one.