Questions & Answers about the Annual Fund Drive

What's the purpose of the Annual Fund?

Many people have the impression that the state provides for all of the college needs, but this is not true! The state does not provide enough funding for scholarships, work/study, childcare, counseling, other student aid, or changing technology. Technology is a rapidly changing field and our equipment must be up-to-date for our graduates to successfully compete in the job market. State funds are simply not sufficient to meet the growing needs of our students or our institution.

What kinds of scholarships does the Annual Fund provide?

Needs-based scholarships - In 2015, over 60% of the CCC&TI student population received some kind of financial assistance yet 98% still have unmet need, according to government guidelines. Last year alone, the Foundation was able to help 949 individuals with scholarships which would otherwise not be possible without your assistance.

Academic scholarships -Provides awards for academic achievement.  A Scholarship Committee selects these students based upon the student's academic success.

Incentive scholarships - Incentive scholarships are awarded to every High School Equivalency or Adult High School graduate to help pay for the first college-level course they take at CCC&TI.

Dream Award - These awards are presented to promising, first-generation sixth-graders as an incentive to complete high school and enroll in college. The award guarantees tuition at CCC&TI upon graduation from high school. Since the program’s inception in 1989, over 1,100 students have received Dream Awards to attend CCC&TI.  

Many people think attending a community college is inexpensive. Why do students need scholarships?

Compared to private colleges and the state university system, community college is a bargain, although not an inexpensive bargain.  The cost of tuition and fees alone for a full-time student for one semester averages $1,000. This is steadily climbing with books sometimes costing as much, or more, than tuition.  Many of our students are adults who are supporting their families; some are single parents.  In some programs, such as nursing, it is impossible to maintain a job and successfully complete the required academic workload.  Many students are simply unable to attend school without financial assistance.

What other student aid does the Annual Fund provide?

Childcare is an important form of financial aid.  The cost of childcare averages $125 a week per child.  For single parents especially, childcare costs are often an obstacle in furthering their education. Through Foundation funding, the student's daycare provider receives $75 a week per child.

Student emergency assistance makes funds available on a loan basis for students who have financial emergencies.  For example, a student might need to buy gas so he can attend class.

Student personal counseling is provided for students who have a personal or an emotional crisis which may hinder success or completion of college.  If necessary, funds pay for visits to a professional counselor.

Work/study jobs pay students to work in meaningful positions on campus, providing job training, as well as financial assistance to eligible students.

Who contributes to the Annual Fund?

The Foundation is especially grateful to the many individuals, businesses, foundations, and industries throughout Caldwell and Watauga counties who continue to lend their strong support every year.  Also, we cannot express how much we appreciate our own faculty, staff, college trustees, foundation directors, college retirees, and alumni who know the needs first-hand and contribute generously to help meet those needs.  Last year, almost 900 supporters helped us exceed our goal of $312,000. Of that, ninety percent of faculty and staff pledged nearly $35,000.  This high level of participation is a testament to your strong belief in the work of the college and a commitment to its needs.

How are donors acknowledged?

All donors receive a letter of thanks, and a receipt is given for gifts over $250.  The names of all donors are listed in various college publications and on the Donor Recognition Boards on display in the hallway of the college administration buildings on both the Caldwell and Watauga campuses. In addition, donors will be listed on the college webpage.

Why do volunteers give their time and money to this cause?

People are always saying that, "Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute is the best thing to happen to Caldwell and Watauga counties, to our people, and our economy."  The college affords people the opportunity to improve the quality of their life and to provide for their families.  We must have an educated and well-trained population if we are going to be competitive in today's economy. 

How does the drive work?

The campaign goal this year is $350,000.  More than 140 volunteers in Caldwell and Watauga counties will again visit past contributors and potential donors, while a team of 25 volunteers will work on the college campus campaign, along with various student groups. With your participation, we are expecting another stellar year!

How can people make a contribution?

Donors may send tax-deductible contributions to:

The Foundation of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

Post Office Box 600
Lenoir, NC 28645
OR PO Box 3318
Boone, NC 28601

For additional information, please call 726-2260 or 264-7670 ext. 2260