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CCC&TI Summer Hours : Monday-Thursday - 7:30 am to 10 pm, Friday - 7:30 am to 12 noon

CCC&TI Summer Hours : Monday-Thursday - 7:30 am to 10 pm, Friday - 7:30 am to 12 noon

Changing Lives: How the Foundation Supports CCC&TI

Changing Lives: How the Foundation Supports CCC&TI

Needs-based Scholarships

Awarded to students needing financial assistance to attend CCC&TI. Need does not stop with tuition alone. Books, living expenses and much more are necessary for success. Many of our students are adults supporting their families; some are single parents. In some programs, such as nursing, it is impossible to maintain a job and successfully complete the required academic workload.

Academic scholarships

Scholarship recipient
Culinary Scholarship recipients

Academic scholarships - Provide awards for academic achievement. A Scholarship Committee selects these students based upon the student's academic success.

Incentive scholarships

Scholarship recipient

Incentive scholarships - Awarded to every High School Equivalency or Adult High School graduate to help pay for the first college-level course at CCC&TI.

Dream Award

Dream Scholarship recipients
Dream Scholarship recipient

Dream Award - Presented to promising, first-generation sixth-graders as an incentive to complete high school and enroll in college. The award guarantees tuition at CCC&TI upon graduation from high school.

The Dream Award provides guaranteed tuition to first-generation sixth graders (neither parent holds a Bachelor’s degree) who demonstrate academic achievement and civic involvement. The Dream Awards are awarded upon completion of a North Carolina high school.

Since the program’s inception in 1989, over 1,100 students have received Dream Awards to attend CCC&TI.

Dream Scholarship Activies
Dream Scholarship Activities

All Dream recipients become acclimated with CCC&TI through various activities such as:

  • Cobra Game Day – come to a CCC&TI basketball game to meet the players and coaches, receive T-shirts, and eat pizza
  • Multicultural events – receive free tickets to various shows at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center
  • Dreamers Defy Gravity – enjoy an extreme air experience by taking flight at Defy Hickory

Anne and Alex Bernhardt, Sr. Scholar Program

The Anne and Alex Bernhardt, Sr. Scholar Program provides scholarships annually to 15 single parents enrolled at CCC&TI. Recipients are assigned mentors who help provide personal and career guidance through their educational journey. The group, along with mentors and Foundation staff, meets periodically throughout the year for networking and special programs designed to help assist with the unique yet common challenges of this group.

Bernhardt Scholars photo

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Additional Student Aid Provided by the Annual Fund

Childcare is an important form of financial aid. The cost of childcare averages $125 a week per child. For single parents especially, childcare costs are often an obstacle in furthering their education. Through Foundation funding, the student's daycare provider receives $100 a week per child.

Student emergency assistance makes funds available on a loan basis for students who have financial emergencies.  For example, a student might need to buy gas so he can attend class.

Student personal counseling is provided for students who have a personal or an emotional crisis which may hinder success or completion of college. If necessary, funds pay for visits to a professional counselor.

Work/study jobs pay students to work in meaningful positions on campus, providing job training, as well as financial assistance to eligible students.

The Annual Fund also supports:

E.M. Dudley Award

E.M. Dudley award winnner

Each year, CCC&TI honors a deserving employee who has excelled in service to the college, its students and the community. The E.M. Dudley Award recipient is recognized at CCC&TI’s Employee Kickoff Event.

Donald Lackey Excellence in Teaching Award

The Donald Lackey Excellence in Teaching Award honors a faculty member who characterizes personal dedication, concern for student welfare and academic excellence. The Donald Lackey Excellence in Teaching Award is given each year at CCC&TI’s Spring Graduation.

Lackey award winnner

Writers Symposium

Writers symposium event

Each fall semester English and literature classes read a common novel or work of nonfiction. In the spring, the author is invited to campus to discuss their own writing process relative to their published work.


All students and residents of Caldwell and Watauga Counties are invited to submit poetry, prose, and artwork for publication.

Branches Art winner

Faculty/Staff Tuition Reimbursement

Academic Support

Endowment Fund


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Marla Christie
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Lynn Holder

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