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Financial Aid - Veteran Services

Financial Aid - Veteran Services

  1. CHAPTER 30: MONTGOMERY G.I. BILL: A contributory program which covers up to 36 months of training. The duration and amount of benefits are based on the total contribution made while in service. Applications are submitted to the VA regional office in Atlanta, Georgia. A copy of your DD 214- Separation from Active Duty must accompany this application (available to those who served from 1985-present). To receive your monthly payment, you must call or go online and verify your monthly attendance. Monthly attendance must be verified the last day of the month. The toll-free number is: 1.877.823.2378 or the web site is:
  2. CHAPTER 31: VA VOC REHAB: This is a program for veterans having a 20 percent or higher disability. Duration of benefits is 36 months. The entire cost of education is paid by the Veterans Administration. Veterans must attend a counseling session in person at the Divisions of Vocational Rehabilitation in Winston-Salem prior to enrollment. If eligible, the division will send an authorization to the college for billing purposes. The CCC&TI VA office will notify the Business Office that you have authorization to charge tuition, fees, books and supplies. The veteran does not incur any out-of-pocket expenses. All charges will be billed to the Veterans Administration for payment. All correspondence and inquiries are submitted to the VA regional office in Winston-Salem.
  3. CHAPTER 35: SURVIVORS AND DEPENDENTS EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: This program provides educational benefits to surviving spouse and children of deceased veterans (service connected) or veterans currently having a 100 percent service-connected disability. Applications are submitted to CCC&TI and then submitted to Atlanta for processing. The application is form VA 5490 for children and VA-5490W for widows of veterans. The VA regional office in Atlanta processes applications and all support documentation.
  4. CHAPTER 1606: MONTGOMERY GI BILL FOR RESERVIST/NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERS: This program provides benefits to active members of the reserve forces to upgrade educational levels. To be eligible you must complete basic training and make at least a six-year commitment. Duration of benefits is 36 months, and you must attend mandatory drill functions and participate in annual training in order to maintain benefits. To apply you must submit a notice of eligibility form DD 2384 (NOBE) and/or a DD-214 along with an application. All correspondence and inquiries are sent to the VA regional office in Atlanta. To receive your monthly payment, you must call or go online and verify your monthly attendance. Attendance must be verified the last day of each month. The toll-free number is: 1.877.823.2378 or the website is:

Procedures and Special Notes

  1. VA Form 22-1990: Enrollment Certification- is completed by the VA officer and forwarded to the appropriate VA regional office only after all appropriate documents have been submitted by the applicant.
  2. You must be enrolled in an approved program of study at CCC&TI before certification is possible. You must fulfill the following requirements (1) Complete CCC&TI application for admissions, (2) request an official high school or High School Equivalency transcript, (3) take placement test, and (4) have all official college transcripts submitted, if you have previously attended college.
  3. Transcripts from any college previously attended must be evaluated for transfer credit prior to certification of enrollment. This includes any change of program at CCC&TI.
  4. At CCC&TI enrollment is verified and courses are monitored during the semester. Excess courses outside the structured curriculum are not allowed for payment of VA benefits.
  5. All grades are monitored at the end of each academic term for accuracy of hours certified.
  6. Attendance will be verified each academic term after drop/adds have been processed.
  7. Changes of programs require documentation and submission of forms to VA. Come by the Financial Aid office to ensure that your record is up-to-date.
  8. Certification is for two academic semesters. Example: Certification for 2004-2005 started August 2004 and ends May 2005. You must be certified each academic year. If enrolling during the summer term, you must register for your summer classes during early registration so you will not experience a delay in payment.
  9. Contact the VA office directly concerning any problems; especially if benefits are not received in a timely manner.
  10. VA will not pay for classes taken as a credit by exam (CR).
  11. Benefits are paid on the following scale during the fall and spring semesters:

    12 hours or more – full benefits
    9-11 hours – three quarter
    6-8 hours – one half
    3-5 hours – tuition reimbursement

  12. Benefits are paid on the following scale during the summer semester only.

    7 hours or more – full benefits
    5-6 hours – three quarter
    4 hours – one half

Important Information for Veterans

  1. APPLYING FOR BENEFITS - Eligibility for veterans' educational benefits is determined by the Veterans Administration, not Caldwell Community College. What CCC&TI can provide is the standard form used to apply for the benefits. Note: your initial application requires the DD214 - Report of Separation from Active Duty. Be prepared to supply this to the veterans’ officer early in the application process.
  2. TIMEFRAMES - Completed applications cannot be forwarded from CCC&TI to the appropriate VA office until you have completed all the admissions requirements. Once we forward the information it normally takes 60 days or more for the VA to process it. (Approval times vary with the particular program your entitlement falls under.) Additional delays often occur if there are any questions about your separation status or if your files have to be retrieved from another regional office. What this means is that you probably will not receive your first check from the VA for at least two months after you begin attending classes. However, this check will include back payments covering that waiting period. Thereafter, you will receive checks regularly on a monthly basis.
  3. MAINTAINING BENEFITS - In order to keep your benefits, you are obligated to attend class(es) and maintain satisfactory progress in your chosen course of study. Only those classes required for your degree are approved for payment. The amount you receive is based on the number of academic hours for which you enroll. If you reduce that number during the academic term, it may reduce your benefit payment. It is your responsibility to contact the VA and CCC&TI Financial Aid office in order to correct this payment. If the account is not adjusted promptly, you could be charged with an overpayment and be liable to repay money already received. This will affect the amount of subsequent VA benefits if you continue in school. It will put you in debt if you discontinue your studies.
  4. QUESTIONS - If you have questions about your eligibility or payments, contact the Veteran’s Coordinator at CCC&TI at 828.726.2714 or call the VA in Atlanta at 1.888.442.4551. You may also reach Myra Sanders by e-mail at