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CCC&TI Summer Hours : Monday-Thursday - 7:30 am to 10 pm, Friday - 7:30 am to 12 noon

Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid

Welcome to the Student Financial Aid site. We hope this site will help you in applying for student financial aid and help you to understand your rights and responsibilities concerning your financial aid.

Mission Statement

The Financial Aid Office at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute seeks to assist students in their pursuit of higher education by minimizing financial barriers relating to educational expenses by providing assistance in all areas of financial aid for the purpose of supporting student enrollment, retention and program completion.

Vision Statement

The Financial Aid Office at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute seeks to promote awareness of Financial Aid opportunities and provide quality customer service that consistently exceeds the expectations of students and parents.

In support of the Mission and Vision Statements of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, the Financial Aid Office is committed to:

  • Assisting students and parents in applying for and receiving financial aid resources to lessen the education related expense of attending college;
  • Educating students and parents in financial aid opportunities, while offering clarification of the financial aid process and regulatory guidelines;
  • Offering clear, consistent and timely communication to students and parents through quality customer service;
  • Utilizing all available federal, state, and institutional aid, while simultaneously maintaining the fiscal and regulatory integrity of the program.

Financial Aid Programs and Scholarships

Applicants may apply for a scholarship, grant, loan, work-study, or any combination of these. The total combined sum of these must not exceed total need.

Federal Programs

Descriptions of these Federal Programs can be found the CCC&TI Catalog via the following links:

State-funded programs

Descriptions of these State-funded Programs can be found the CCC&TI Catalog via the following links:

Locally-supported Scholarship and Grant Programs

Other Sources of Financial Aid

At various times during the year, other scholarship opportunities are identified by Financial Aid staff.

When scholarship opportunities are available, the will be listed on the Scholarship webpage with application deadlines and application information.

General Scholarship Information

In the event that a student receiving aid withdraws from the institution, the student will be responsible for repayment of a prorated amount of any portion of payments which were extended to that student for living expenses and which would no longer be attributed to meeting expenses related to attendance.

The student has the obligation to maintain the "Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements" as defined by this institution specifically for financial aid recipients. Failure to maintain academic progress will result in the loss of eligibility for financial aid. Eligibility may be regained by re-establishing progress.


To receive financial aid from these programs, a student must:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
  2. Be registered with Selective Service, if required.
  3. Have financial need.
  4. Be older than compulsory age of secondary school attendance.
  5. Not already have a baccalaureate degree.
  6. Not owe a refund on a previous grant nor be in default on a previous educational loan.
  7. Be enrolled in a program leading to a degree or diploma.
  8. Have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Financial Aid Checklist

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1 of the current year you intend to enroll in college. You can either mail a paper application or apply on-line. Be accurate and complete. Obtain all required signatures. Keep materials used to complete the FAFSA such as worksheets and tax forms. Do not send any materials with the FAFSA, if you are mailing the paper form.

  • Complete any other required financial aid form(s) from the college(s) of your choice. Meet all DEADLINES! Applications for federal student aid at Caldwell Community College and Technical Community College should be submitted no later than June 1 each year to ensure completion of process for Fall Semester. Applications submitted after June 1 will be processed; however, funding for many programs is limited. Students who apply after June 1 may find most funds already obligated.

  • Apply for admission to the college(s) of your choice. This is a separate process from applying for financial aid. Admissions application deadlines and financial aid application deadlines are usually different. Financial aid cannot be disbursed until you are approved for admission to a college.

  • Determine the costs of attending the college(s): tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, personal and miscellaneous expenses. Don't rule out a college choice just because of cost.

  • Explore all possible sources of aid such as federal, state, college, local civic organizations, your church, and place of employment. Visit your local library and check out the Scholarship and Financial Aid Resource Books. Search the Internet for possible sources of assistance.

  • College financial aid offices and high school guidance offices are excellent sources of information.

  • Respond to all requests for information quickly and completely.

  • You will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) about 4 weeks after you send the FAFSA to the processing center. When you receive your SAR, read it carefully and follow the instructions. If you need duplicates, call 1-800-4-FED-AID.

  • When you receive a written offer of financial aid, read it, understand what you are being offered, and respond to the college or agency by the deadline.

  • If you feel you have any unusual circumstances, contact the financial aid office at the college.

  • Remember - know the conditions to continue receiving financial aid after the first year. You must file the FAFSA or the Renewal FAFSA to apply for federal financial aid each year, and you may need to complete other required forms each year as well.


How to Apply for Financial Aid

Students who are entering CCC&TI for the first time and are in need of financial aid must complete steps 1 and 2. If you are a current/returning student you need only complete step 2.
REMEMBER -- The FAFSA must be completed each academic year.

  1. After application for admission has been initiated (see New Students Admissions), the student should file an application for aid. (see #2). It is to the student's advantage to apply for aid at least three months before the expected enrollment date.
  2. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It will be the only form necessary to apply for all aid programs at CCC&TI including federal and state grants.

The FAFSA forms are available in Student Services at both campus locations, from high school counselors or may be submitted on-line at If applying on-line, you and parent (if dependent student) must apply for a pin number at, which will be used as your official signature. You must have a valid email address to complete the on-line process.

After the FAFSA is processed by the Central Processing Center, the Financial Aid Office will receive your information and begin the process of determining your eligibility for all needs based aid at CCC&TI. You will be notified by mail if additional information is needed; if not, you will receive notification of any awards. For this reason, it is crucial that your mailing address is up-to-date with the Admissions Office.

Note: A key part of the financial aid process is determined by previous income, so you will need your 1040 and W2 forms to complete the FAFSA. If you have lost your tax return you may request a tax return transcript by calling 1-800-829-1040. Please allow two weeks for transcripts to be delivered by mail. DO NOT ask for a photocopy of your tax return; this will cost you $39 and take up to 60 days to receive.

Federal Work-Study Information

The Federal College Work-Study Program provides students with employment opportunities to help pay educational expenses. Work-study positions are available on and off campus. Student employees working on campus earn $9.00 per hour. Student employees working in off campus positions earn $10.00.

To qualify for the Federal Work-Study Program, the following criteria must be met:

  • Completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Have an unmet need as determined by information submitted on the FAFSA
  • Be enrolled in 6 credit hours or more

Student Employees must adhere to all policies and procedures set forth for employees of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute.

Currently available positions can be viewed on the Work Study Positions webpage.

Work Study Handbook

Work Study Application

Financial Aid Forms

***CCC&TI no longer participates in the Federal Stafford Student Loan Programs.

Note: Firefox does not currently support fillable PDF forms. Please use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari to access these forms in a fillable format.


Our School Code is 004835

For your free application click below or paste the following URL into your browser:

Start Here, Go Futher, Federal Student Aid

FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Financial Aid Resources


Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute encourages prospective students who desire to enroll but face financial problems to apply for assistance through the financial aid office. Financial assistance for educational costs may be available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and work programs. Within the limited funds available for these purposes, every effort is made by the institution to help students who need monetary assistance.

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