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Financial Aid Information

The following information regarding student financial aid at CCC&TI can be found on the college website at:

  • How to Apply for Aid
  • Important Dates students will want to consider when applying for each academic year (fall, spring or summer terms).
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Programs and Scholarships available, including Federal, State and Institutional funds
  • Credit-based loan options and information including any terms and conditions for receiving ‘alternative or private’ loans
  • A financial aid checklist to help students plan for each aid year
  • Federal Work Study Information
  • Child Care Information for students who may need assistance with child care while they are in enrolled
  • Tuition Payment Plan links and other links that students can use related to paying for college
  • Veteran Services Information
  • Financial Aid Policies
  • Recalculation of Pell Grants, SEOG or North Carolina funds when a student withdraws
  • Recalculation of funds when a student is less than full-time enrolled
  • Dependency Override Policy or other special circumstances
  • Need-based Scholarship Awarding
  • Work-study policies
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress policy
  • Federal SEOG policy
  • Contact Information for the Financial Aid Office

Students can find other aid-related information in the CCC&TI Catalog as well. When possible, the Financial Aid Office provides links to other sites in an effort to further assist students in finding the resources or information they might need regarding paying for College, obtaining or paying off student loans, or applying for scholarships from outside of the College.


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