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Why an Associate Degree Makes Sense

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute is one of the best values in higher education.
Here are a few reasons why:
  1. Easy transition from high school
    • Community college campuses are small compared to universities.
    • Class size is typically smaller as well. Average class size at most community colleges is 20 students.
    • Instructors are much more accessible and can provide more personal attention.
  2. Save tens of thousands of dollars
    • Tuition at a state four-year institution is nearly triple that of community college.
    • The average annual tuition for: community college is $2,402; public 4-year colleges is $6,585: private 4-year colleges is $25,143.
  3. Many advantages to living at home
    • You save on two expensive costs – dorm fees and meal plans.
    • Not to mention roommate problems that can add stress .
  4. More time to think about your career path
    • The first two years of college are a period of feeling out classes and exploring career paths.
    • You’ll also be able to knock out your general education requirements in the first two years, so that you’re covered no matter what major you apply for when transferring.
  5. It will boost your confidence!
    • Starting at a community college can be great for your GPA and overall confidence.
Source: article “5 Reasons Community Colleges Make Sense Right Now” by Jeffrey King.

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