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CCC&TI students honored for academic achievement

Community College and Technical Institute, which has campuses in Hudson and Boone, has released its President’s, Dean’s and Honors lists for the Summer 2014 semester.

For inclusion in the President’s List, a student must be full‐time and have a grade point average of 4.0. For the Dean’s List, a student must be full‐time and have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Part‐time students who earn a 3.5 grade point average or higher qualify for the Honors List.

For more information about CCC&TI, call 828‐726‐2200 or 828‐297‐3811, or visit

President’s List – Summer Semester 2014

Ashe County

Kelly Lynn Greene, Todd
Amanda G Lewis, Creston

Burke County

Jonah Alexander Christian, Rutherford College
Sean Patrick Wentz, Morganton

Caldwell County

Dwayne Allen Anderson, Granite Falls
Christopher Rex Bishop, Hudson
Jessica Lynn Bumgarner, Granite Falls
Holley Carole Clark, Lenoir
Lori Renee Dierdorf, Hudson
Melanie L Dierdorf, Hudson
Gerald Andrew Foster, Hudson
Diana Ward Frye, Lenoir
Nathan Lamar Huffman, Granite Falls
Amy Elizabeth Kelly, Lenoir
Ross Daniel Knight, Hudson
Mary Katherine Mast, Lenoir
Bridget Minton Matthews, Lenoir
Christen Candice Murphy, Granite Falls
Robert Ernest Propst, Granite Falls
Mena Rose Sapp, Granite Falls
William Cody Stoddart, Granite Falls
Charles Franklin Taylor, Lenoir

Catawba County

Chasity Nicole Collins, Hickory
Brittiny Nichole Harmon, Claremont
Jania Lopez-Jimenez, Hickory

Gaston County

Tyler Matthew Lawrence, Gastonia

Watauga County

Katie Deann Boyette, Boone
Megan Dietrich, Boone
Tammie Pitts Hill, Blowing Rock
John Caldwell Johnstone, Boone
Andrea Marie Rook, Boone
Scott Joseph Umberger, Boone

Other States

Alexa Ann Smith, Jamestown, MO

Dean’s List – Summer Semester 2014

Alexander County

Judith Wright Benton, Taylorsville

Avery County

Holly Ann Spencer, Beech Mountain

Burke County

Nicholas Ray McDowell, Connelly Springs

Caldwell County

Amanda Brookshire Moore, Lenoir
Ashley Brooke Keener, Lenoir
Benjamin Sean Davis, Lenoir
Carla Anne Adams, Hudson
Carly Elizabeth Phipps, Granite Falls
Corey Alan Dionne, Granite Falls
Doris Ann Barker, Granite Falls
Dretha C Creech, Granite Falls
Erika Rene Casey, Granite Falls
Hayley Alexandra LaFevre, Lenoir
Kelly A. Phillips, Hudson
Michael Richey, Lenoir
Misty Jane Haas, Lenoir
Nancy Burch Davison, Lenoir
Nathan McDaniel Miller, Lenoir
Nicole Suzanne Thebeau, Granite Falls
Reba Lee Baldwin, Lenoir
Rodger William Phillips, Lenoir
Tamara Setzer Shea, Lenoir
Tanner Ross Dillard, Lenoir
Windy Robbins Hammond, Lenoir

Henderson County

Ashley Nicole Schneider, Fletcher

Wake County

Alexandra Neale Griffin, Raleigh

Watauga County

Allison Nicole Hicks, Boone
Andrew Bascom Cook, Boone
Angela Smith Snyder, Zionville
Audrey Taylor Gurkin, Blowing Rock
Callie Stanbery Isaacs, Vilas
Christopher Allen Midcap, Boone
Glory Rain Rognstad, Blowing Rock
Jennifer Michelle Winebarger, Zionville
Joshua J Delaura, Zionville
Matthew Christopher Anderson, Boone
Samantha Faye Oxentine, Boone
Sarah Marie Hamilton, Zionville
Shannon Marie Ward, Boone

Wilkes County

Chasidy Leigh Winebarger, Boomer