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Foundation of CCC&TI Exceeds Fund Drive Goal

Matt Mallory

The Foundation of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute held its annual Celebration Luncheon, announcing another successful campaign. Peg Broyhill, chair of CCC&TI’s Foundation Board, announced that the group surpassed its goal of $350,000, which was set as a nod to the college’s 50th anniversary.

The Foundation celebrated the efforts and success of volunteers, campaign leaders, board members and college officials at the luncheon. Those in attendance enjoyed lunch under the pergola at the Broyhill House, music by Kay and Patrick Crouch and remarks from several community leaders.

Deborah Murray, vice chair of the CCC&TI Foundation, offered a toast in honor of the successful campaign. “We really did think that this year’s goal should be a worthy goal and a stretch in honor of the college’s anniversary. When I look around at the leadership of this effort and the leadership at the college, there was no way that we could not do what we set out to do,” said Murray. “Every year this campaign is new, fresh and important because of our leadership. This is the best yet. Thank you so much, this is to you!”

Broyhill recognized and thanked campaign captains, team members, college officials, students and volunteers for their hard work during this year’s drive.  Broyhill also recognized this year’s Campaign Chairs, former CCC&TI President Dr. Ed Beam, and former Chairs of the College’s Board of Trustees, Brent Kincaid, Dr. Donald Lackey and Hugh Wilson along with current Board Chair Larry Taylor.

In addition to community volunteers and leaders, CCC&TI’s faculty and staff have contributed nearly $40,000 for the campaign this year and were recognized for their efforts. The students, who were involved in fundraising for the campaign through a 5K Race event in April, were also recognized for their efforts.

CCC&TI President Dr. Ken Boham offered his gratitude on behalf of the college. “There are many who have been intimately involved in making the college what is today, who are not here. And yet, think of what they thought, saw, dreamed and imagined on behalf of those they would never see. And, think of what all you have done today for the people you’ll never see and what the next 50 years will hold because of the work you’re doing now,” said Boham. “We appreciate it so much. Thank you for everything that you do!”

Broyhill announced that two new endowed scholarships were established this year:

  • Annas Memorial Scholarship – established by Annas Foundation family and friends for a Caldwell county student with unmet financial need
  • Frances Grudier Nursing Scholarship – established to provide assistance with tuition, books, uniforms and supplies for a nursing student.

For more information on the Foundation at CCC&TI, contact Foundation Director Marla Christie at 828.726.2203.