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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is subject to change without notice by N. C. Legislature. The following rates are in effect Spring 2016.

Credit Hours In-State Out-of-State
1 $76.00 $268.00
2 $152.00 $536.00
3 $228.00 $804.00
4 $304.00 $1,072.00
5 $380.00 $1,340.00
6 $456.00 $1,608.00
7 $532.00 $1,876.00
8 $608.00 $2,144.00
9 $684.00 $2,412.00
10 $760.00 $2,680.00
11 $836.00 $2,948.00
12 $912.00 $3,216.00
13 $988.00 $3,484.00
14 $1,064.00 $3,752.00
15 $1,140.00 $4,020.00
16 or more $1,216.00 $4,288.00

Activity Fee for Fall/Spring:
   Maximum of $28.00
Activity Fee for Summer:
   Maximum of$9.00

Accident Insurance:Students may obtain school-time accident insurance coverage from Standard Life and Casualty Insurance Company. Brochures and applications may be obtained from the Business Office.

Campus Access Fee:
   maximum of $10 per semester

Diploma Fees = $25.00
Second Degree = $15.00

Important Notes

  • Tuition and fees must be paid at time of registration in the business office.
  • Refund policy: Refund policies are established by the NC General Assembly. The Curriculum Refund Policy can be viewed and/or printed via:
  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Payments may be made in person at the Business Office or online through Web Advisor. Credit card payments are not be accepted by phone in the Business Office. When using credit card, in person, you must show a valid ID.
  • Senior Citizens: Effective July 1, 2013 the senior citizen tuition waiver has been eliminated. Resident and Non Resident tuition will be the same for all Curriculum students. For further information visit North Carolina General Assembly.
  • Insurance: Accident insurance may be purchased in the Business Office
  • Veterans: Contact VA representative in Student Services after you pay fees. Myra is the contact person for Veterans in the Financial Aid office.
  • Financial Aid:
    • CCC&TI encourages prospective students who face financial difficulties to apply for assistance through the Financial Aid Office located in Student Services. Assistance for educational costs may be available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work programs. For more information, visit the Financial Aid webpage.
    • To enroll in an installment payment plan, go to
  • Graduation Fees: A graduation fee of $25 (subject to change) for a diploma/degree/certificate is payable by the deadline for graduation applications. This fee is not refundable. The current charge for each additional diploma/degree/certificate is $15.
  • Student Tuition and Fees Policy : Adoption of Title 1, Chapter E- Student Tuition and Fees - Effective May 16, 2014