Automotive Systems Technology

Auto Technicians

The Automotive Systems Technology curriculum prepares individuals for employment as Automotive Services Technicians. It provides an introduction to automotive careers and increases student awareness of the challenges associated with this fast and ever-changing field. Classroom and lab experience integrate technical and academic course work.

Emphasis is placed on:

  • electrical/electronic systems
  • servicing and operation of brakes
  • engine performance
  • steering/suspension
  • automatic transmission/transaxles
  • engine repair
  • climate control
  • manual drive trains

Upon completion of this curriculum, students should be prepared to take the ASE exam and qualify for full-time employment in dealerships and repair shops in the automotive service industry.

CCC&TI offers several different educational programs in this area:

For more information about course descriptions or required courses, refer to the current CCC&TI Course Catalog and its corresponding Addendum. Courses in the automotive systems technology program are taught during the day and evening.

Employment Outlook

The DOL's Occupational Outlook Handbook states, Employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics is expected to increase as fast as the average through the year 2014. Over the 2004-14 period, demand for technicians will grow as the number of vehicles in operation increases, reflecting continued growth in the number of multi-car families. Most persons who enter the occupation can expect steady work, even through downturns in the economy. Employment growth will continue to be concentrated in automobile dealerships and independent automotive repair shops. Many new jobs also will be created in small retail operations that offer after-warranty repairs, such as oil changes, brake repair, air-conditioner service, and other minor repairs generally taking less than 4 hours to complete. " ((Visited 2006, Aug. 15)).

To learn more about employment outlook and working environment in the Automotive Systems Technology field , go to:

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There are no additional costs for this program outside of tuition, fees, books, and supplies.