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In the 21st century, the world has seen a great increase in globalization mainly due to the advances in information technology and the developments in transportation. These trends have made it easier than ever to trade, travel and communicate with other parts of the country and the world creating interdependence between peoples of different cultural backgrounds and languages. The Global Diversity Committee is committed to bringing global education to its campus in order to prepare students to be 21st century professionals as well as to develop a sense of self and appreciation of cultural diversity.

CCC&TI promotes global awareness by:

  • Providing professional development and training to employees in global issues and cultural diversity
  • Incorporating global perspectives appropriately into instruction, delivery of services, and institutional planning and development
  • organizing public events that promote global and diversity awareness (festivals, lectures, music, art, literature, and film)
  • Seeking global opportunities for institutional advancement

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International Partnerships

Brazil Programs

Since 2006 CCC&TI has been working in partnership with Brazilian educational institutions to promote educational opportunities and cultural exchange between CCC&TI students and Faculty and their Brazilian counterparts.

Danish Programs

CCC&TI has hosted students and faculty from Aarhus Business College (AABC) in Aarhus Denmark on several occasions. This opportunity gives both the visiting and the hosting students the opportunity to learn about cultures outside of their own, as well as make connections across the globe.

Global Student Club(GSC)

The Global Student Club(GSC) brings new, exciting, and informative examples of global diversity to the Hudson campus of Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute. 

To increase awareness of different cultures and issues around the world, giving students a chance to explore these issues outside classroom settings. To establish an understanding of how global issues affect the individual on an international, national, and a local level.

To offer an interactive learning environment through featured speakers, international films, and open discussions as well as other events that foster the individual’s growth as an international citizen.


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