Electrical Lineman Institute

Upon Completion, students are qualified for an entry-level position as an electrical line technician.

Education Pathway:
  Career Pathways - Linemen > Electrical Lineman I > Electrical Lineman II

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Program Description

The Electrical Lineman Institute prepares students for a career as an apprentice for a Journeyman Lineman. In this program, you will develop the knowledge and skills to install, operate, maintain, and repair indoor and outdoor residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems, and associated power transmission lines. You will study basic circuits, wiring practice, A.C. and D.C. controls, safety procedures, and learn about the power lines which carry electricity from the source to its destination. You will learn how to use hand and electric tools, and how to read and interpret blueprints and other written and graphic instructions. Your work will combine classroom courses with laboratory hours which offer practical, hands-on training. If you enjoy traveling, working outdoors, and working with electrical equipment, then this training program may be for you. A lineman is required to travel extensively and work in emergency restorations during times of bad weather. Students must possess the physical ability to climb to heights in excess of 50 feet.
  • HRD-7085- Career Pathways-Linemen
  • ELS-7001 - Electrical Lineman 1- Pre-requisite – (Successful Completion of HRD-7085)
  • ELS-7002 - Electrical Lineman 2- Pre-requisite – (Successful Completion of ELS-7001)

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Estimated Earnings

NationalNorth Carlina
Per YearPer HourPer YearPer Hour
Starting Salary46,00022.1233,86216.28
Average Salary63,00030.2948,69223.41


HRD-7085- Career Pathways-Linemen
ELS-7001 Class A CDL Training/ ELC 1 $192.50
ELS-7002 Electrical Lineman Training 2 $181.00
CRC $30.00
Lineman Boots $150.00 - $200.00
CDL Permit $45.00
CDL License $75.00
DOT Physical & DOT Drug Screen varies with insurance
TOTAL $950.00 estimated
Admission Requirements
  • 1 copy of High School Diploma or High School Equivalency (REQUIRED TO REGISTER)
  • 1 copy of Current DOT Physical & Drug Screen (FIRST DAY OF CLASS)
  • 1 copy of Unrestricted NC Driver’s License (REQUIRED TO REGISTER)
  • 1 copy of OFFICIAL driving record (FIRST DAY OF CLASS)
Helpful Personal Attributes: Characteristics associated with success in this major include an interest in working with your hands and a pride in the successful completion of a job. You should:
  • be dependable and careful in your work
  • be able to follow written and oral instructions and make logical decisions
  • be in good physical health
  • have the ability to work in awkward and uncomfortable positions for long periods of time 
  • have good motor coordination
  • feel comfortable working at heights
  • feel comfortable working with people of different backgrounds and personalities
  • be able to tolerate working outdoors in bad weather