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Health Unit Coordinator

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Continuing Education and Workforce Development Department
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Watauga Continuing Education Department
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Boone, NC 28607

Staff Directory

Health Unit Coordinator with patient folder The healthcare unit coordinator is an entry-level health professional that helps maintain and support a healthcare facility. Their duties include setting up charts for hospital admittance, performing data entry, ordering g lab tests and x-Rays, transcribing physicians orders and communicating them to nursing staff and other hospital departments, using computerized order entry systems, setting up and maintaining patient records, managing facility communications, and keeping the unit in compliance with facility policy and confidentiality regulations.

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Health Care Coordinator

Today’s healthcare settings are abundant with opportunity for those captivated to helping others. Health Unit Coordinators are valued entry-level health professionals of the healthcare team who perform the following tasks:
  • coordinate health unit operations such as transcribe and process medical orders;
  • use computerized order-entry systems;
  • schedule tests, appointments, and procedures;
  • chart documentation, communicate and multi-task effectively;
  • handle admission and discharge paperwork;
  • maintain patient records;
  • manage client information keeping the unit in compliance with facility policy and confidentiality regulations.


Emphasis is placed on accuracy, interpersonal skills, and the moral, legal, and ethical implications relative to employment in a health care facility. This program includes interactive lecture, labs, exercises, and students are introduced to the clinical area through an externship during the program and precede sequentially correlating classroom theory, lab, and selected clinical application. Students must have an understanding of:
  • medical terminology
  • basic human anatomy and physiology of body systems
  • body diseases and disorders
  • basic nursing procedures
  • background knowledge in pharmacology
Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will meet the necessary requirements and be eligible to apply and sit for the national certification examination administered by the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators.
Estimated Salary

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics the average annual salary is $32,670.


  • Career Pathways tuition. $126.00
  • HUC tuition $180.00
  • Campus access fee $1.00
  • Malpractice insurance $13.00
  • Textbooks $148.00
  • College ID $2.50
  • Criminal background check $ varies
  • Scrubs $ varies

Admission Requirements

  • 18 Years of age
  • High School Diploma or High School Equivalency
  • Orientation to Health Sciences
  • Career Pathways
  • Proficient Keyboarding & Computer skills
  • Health Form Completed by Student’s Healthcare Provider
  • Reading and Math placement test

Career Information

Salary Estimate

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics the average annual salary is $32,670.

Employment Opportunities

  • Hospitals
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Outpatient Facilities
  • Clinics
To learn more about a career in the Health Unit Coordinator field, visit CCC&TI's Career Coach site for the following program:

Career Coach logo Certificate: Health Unit Coordinator

For Additional Information:
Please contact the Continuing Education and Workforce Development Department at 828-726-2242


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Caldwell Campus
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Watauga Campus
372 Community College Drive
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