Planning 101

Here are some guidelines for planning CCC&TI sponsored activities on or off campus.

1-Only Clubs, Representatives and Organizations officially recognized by the college are permitted to sponsor activities under the sanction of the college.

2-The Activity Form must be signed and electronically submitted by a college faculty or staff member for the activity to be considered.

3-Approval must be obtained BEFORE any work on the activity can begin.  The responsible college staff member will be notified once all the appropriate college officials have approved the activity.

4-Only activities approved through this process may occur on or off campus.

5-Activities requiring advertising or involvement from other campus areas should submit the Activity Form in a manner to allow appropriate planning and/or approval.

6- For events not sponsored by Student Activities or SGA, (ie. Student Fest or Club Day) please submit requests ONE MONTH before the event to insure proper planning.

7-Please consult the Fund Raising Guidelines for Clubs and Organizations.

Some basic questions to consider when planning your event:

Who is the contact student and faculty/staff for the event?
Who will pay for any costs associated with the event?
Who is the target audience?  How many people do you expect?
Who will be invited to attend?
What day, time and date can you set for your event?
Have you allowed time for set up and clean up?
What are the official start and end times of the event?
Does the event conflict with other events?
Does the event take place on a major holiday or when the college is closed?
Will your target audience be available (class schedule, travel time, etc.)?
Where will this event take place?
Will noise or traffic flow be an issue?
Will you have enough space?
Will the technological capabilities of the venue be an issue?
What do you want to accomplish?
Do you have the support of others in your club or organization?

Fill out the Event Planning Form