Fund Raising Guidelines for Clubs and Organizations

1. All Fundraising activities must be submitted on a proposed Student Activity Request Form, preferably two weeks prior to activity.

2. Fundraising activities must be approved by Club Faculty/Staff sponsor, Student Government Advisor, SGA president, and Vice President of Student Services

3. Fundraising events should be on campus. Sale of products to raise money is permissible to individuals only.

4. The collection and expenditure of funds derived from fundraising activities of student clubs shall be consistent with the stated purpose and goals of the college.

5. Off campus solicitation of any kind (goods, services, pro-bono work or money) must be approved through the proposed Student Activity Request Form and by the CCC&TI Foundation office.

6. Any off campus solicitations for money or in-kind gifts must be reviewed for compatibility with the institutional purpose, coordinated, and approved by the Foundation office.

7. No clubs may sell meals or food unless purchased pre-packaged. The culinary club is exempt from this if the items are prepared in state-inspected kitchen.