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Student Organizations at CCC&TI

  1. Honor Societies  
  2. Special Interest Clubs  
  3. Program Specific Clubs  

Honor Societies at CCC&TI

  • Alpha Delta Nu - The objective of the Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society shall be to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing. The society shall encourage the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility. Additionally, the society shall participate in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing.

  • Ambassadors - The CCC&TI Student Ambassadors are a select group of students demonstrating academic excellence who represent the college at a variety of events. Nominated by faculty members, the ambassadors serve CCC&TI by conducting campus tours, assisting with special events, mentoring students, and representing the college in a variety of campus and community activities. Students eligible for nomination must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

  • Phi Theta Kappa - The objective of the Alpha Lambda Pi Chapter, in addition to those specified in Article II of the National Constitution, shall be to promote the intellectual atmosphere of CCC&TI.

  • The National Society of Leadership and Success - The CCC&TI chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success is being introduced in Fall 2010.  The National Society of Leadership and Success is a community of leaders dedicated to creating lasting positive change as the worldwide training organization for achievement and leadership education. (All speaker meetings are open to all students.) www.societyleadership.org

Special Interest Clubs:

Club Name Description Faculty Sponsor Sponsor Phone #
Alpha Omega Christian Fellowship Melissa McCarraher (828) 726-2368
Culinary Club
Culinary Club Chef Back 828.297.3811 x5222
Global Students Club
Global Scholars Program
and International Travel
Laura Wollpert 828.297.3811 x5295
Global Students Club
Global Scholars Program
and International Travel
Justin Butler 828.726.2457
Male Minority Success Initiative Support for Minority Males Elaine Setzer-Maxwell 828.759.4687
Rotary of College Students
Kelly Greene <828.726.2333
Science Club Science related issues & STEM subjects Denise Williams 828.726.2388

Program Specific Clubs: Open to Students in Program Area

Club Name Description Faculty Sponsor Sponsor Phone #
Alpha Gamma Beta Nuclear Medicine Technology Leslie Deal 828.726.2361
BLET Basic Law Enforcement Training Dennis Hopkins 828.726.2750
Cosmetology Day Club Cosmetology Monteresa Schoenen 828.726.2250
Cosmetology Night Club Cosmetology Donna Price 828.726.2250
Culinary Guild Culinary Arts Keith Andreasen 828.726.2406
Delta Chi Chapter of the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) Associate Degree Nursing Dr. April Cline 828.726.2358
Early Childhood Teachers Club Early Childhood Linda Allbritton 828.726.5276
Landscape Gardening Landscape Gardening Debbie Mitchell 828.726.2362
Paralegal Club Paralegal Technology Amy Hall 828.726.2324
PTA Club Physical Therapy Assistants Kelly Harvey 828.726.2353
Rho Alpha Delta (Rad) Radiography Amber Edwards <828.726.2334
SLPA Speech-Language Pathology Assistants Jessica Raby 828.726.2392
Sonography Club Cardiovascular & Medical Sonography Jan Wilson 828.726.2325


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