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CCC&TI Bookstore

The Bookstore provides textbooks, reference books, study aids, school/office supplies, backpacks, imprinted apparel, and gift items.

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  2.  Procedures    
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Contact Information
Trina Curtis Director, College Stores 828.726.2302

Hudson Campus Store
    Boone Campus Store
Located in E Building. Bottom Floor next to Student Lounge.

    Located between the College and Career Readiness and Student Support Centers

Bookstore Tips & Procedures

  1. The bookstore accepts the following forms of payment:
    • Cash
    • Personal checks - must have student's 7 digit Student ID # and Name on the check; must have valid driver's license
    • VISA and Master-card - must have proper Photo ID that matches the name of the cardholders (Cardholder must be present. You may not bring someone else’s card. This is college policy.)

  2. Bring your class schedule with you
    • We can serve you better and faster if you have your class schedule with you
    • This is very important during 'charge' days

  3. Book titles, price estimates and ISBN numbers are available online at the ONLINE BOOKSTORE ( Click on "START HERE".

  4. Consider purchasing 'books only' during the first 3 days of class
    • Purchase supplies before or after this period
    • The lines will move faster and everyone will benefit

  5. 'Charge Days' allow students to make purchases for third-party billing. This includes Pell Grant (FAFSA), WIA, TAA/TRA, VA/VR, Dream Scholars and most scholarships funds.
    • A CCC&TI college ID badge or valid driver's license is REQUIRED to access PELL(FAFSA), all scholarships, WIA, TAA, etc. in the bookstore. Please have this information ready for every charge purchase you make.
    • Without your 7-digit Student ID Number, you will not be allow to charge your purchases. Take your Student ID # with you.
    • Charge purchases and returns can only be made during 'Charge Days'. Please see the Bookstore Special Hours calendar for a list of the 'Charge Days'.
    • All charge customers (Pell, WIA, TAA, etc.) are asked to make a maximum of 3 trips to the bookstore during your charge period. Please plan ahead and decide what you will purchase in each trip. Caldwell TAA/TRA students risk paying for your items yourself if you go over 3 trips (per ESC).
    • TAA/TRA and WIA all have their own rules. You are responsible for knowing what you can and can't purchase. When in doubt, ask your ESC case worker before purchasing or risk being billed later.
    • All charges and returns MUST be completed during the charge period.
Bookstore Mission Statement
"The College Stores are an auxiliary enterprise of the college operated for the convenience of students, faculty, and staff. Prices will be set at the lowest practicable point so that the store will operate near the break-even point or with a small profit."

Bookstore Policy

  • New books or bundles are not returnable if the shrink wrap is broken. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    Go to class before you open anything.
  • Used books are buy at your own risk!  Look them over carefully before purchase. We DO NOT guarantee the condition of book nor promise buyback at the end of semester.
  • Keep all receipts. You must keep all of your bookstore book receipts. You may need them later for tax or other purposes. We will not print duplicates for this purpose.(8/3/2011 )
  • Check Policy

  • Must have name and address, bank name and check number printed on check.
  • Must have a current government issued photo ID (driver's license or state issued Identification card, passport, etc.). A work ID, visa card picture, etc. is not acceptable. (The cashier will write the Driver's license number on the check for you.)
  • You must provide the student's name and student's 7-digit ID number on the check.
  • Make checks payable to CCC&TI.
  • Credit Card/Check Policy

  • VISA and Master-card are the only cards accepted but we also require a current government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the credit/debit card.
  • If you have family or friends that want to help you with large purchases in the bookstore, please consider asking them to come to the bookstore before our "busy seasons" and purchase a gift card for you. This gift card can be for any dollar amount and can be used any time on anything in either of the CCC&TI stores.  Gift cards expire 5 years from date of issue.

    We apologize for this inconvenience, but this is for your safety as well as ours.
If you cannot comply with this policy you must present a different form of payment. 

Book Rental Program

To speed things along, read Bookstore Rental Policy if interested in the rental option.

How to Rent from the Bookstore:

  1. Identify rentable texts by the colorful sign on shelf card
    • Rental is only available by visiting the bookstore and is only for limited titles
    • Limited titles available at this time.
  2. Must have
    • Collateral credit card
      • Collateral Card will not be charged but will be pre-Authorized for $1 to check validity of card
    • Photo ID matching credit card (must be your card)
    • 7-digit Student ID #

  3. Provide payment for rental fee via cash, check, credit card or Pell Grant
    • Must have funds available
  4. Return books at end of semester as agreed
  5. Not able to bring books back to bookstore use the Return Rental Form for shipping books back. Read instructions on Rental Policy for returning books at end of rental period and finding the postmarked dates

This is a very new process and involves new procedures for us. We ask for your patience while we work out any kinks. Thank you for your support.

e-Textbook Program

The bookstores have begun a new program where certain titles are offered in an ebook option. You must have internet access to read them on any browser. Highlighting, note-taking, and other features are available as well as 10% download for offline reading and 10% printing. E-texts may have varying expiration dates so be on the lookout for that.

Book titles that are available in etext format are marked by a special small pocket hanging next to the book on the shelf. Inside the pocket is an eCard with a barcode. The price of the etext and days until expiration are on the eCard.

How to purchase your etext rental:

  1. Identify etexts by the pocket holding an eCard and take to cashier
  2. Provide payment via cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. Pell Grant will cover purchase of ebooks but only during charge period.
  3. Redeem code