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Experience the CCC&TI Advantage

Attending CCC&TI has its advantages. CCC&TI students:

  • Pay much less in tuition
  • Incur less debt
  • Receive more dollars in grants and tax benefits
  • Students who attend community college first perform better at 4-year institutions

Save Money

Lower tuition and fees saves our students thousands of dollars.

Two-Year Tuition + Fees

  • CCC&TI - $4,964
  • Public Colleges/Universities in NC - $15,000 (average)
  • Private Colleges/Universities in NC - $43,000 (average)

* Based on two years of tuition and fees, 2016

Choose Your Schedule

CCC&TI offers flexible scheduling - including:

  • Two full-service campuses
  • Online courses and degree programs
  • Day and evening courses
  • Seated, hybrid and fully online classes

Find Your Perfect Program

Whether you’re looking for:

  • College transfer courses
  • Technical training programs
  • Your high school equivalency diploma

CCC&TI has programs and courses that can help every student reach their goal.

  • Technical training programs can be completed in as a little as one month or up to two-years
  • CCC&TI offers training for 5 of the top 10 paying professions for 2-year college grads
  • 81 percent of recent CCC&TI graduates are working in their field of study

If your goal includes a four-year degree, general education offerings that meet statewide transfer requirements are offered every semester to help students get ahead and save money on tuition.

Get the Help You Need

You will not be just a face in the crowd.

  • Our student to faculty ratio is 18:1
  • We offer excellent resources
    • Free tutoring
    • Academic advising
    • Personal counseling

In a recent national survey, CCC&TI students rated student-to-faculty interaction better than most other colleges of similar size.

Access Financial Resources

76% of CCC&TI students receive some form of financial aid.

The Foundation of CCC&TI provides money for:

  • Scholarships
  • Child care assistance
  • Emergency assistance

More and more students are figuring out the value of starting out at their local community college. Almost half of those who go on to earn a four-year degree are starting out at community colleges across the nation.

If you’re looking to earn a college degree or train for a career, let the CCC&TI Advantage work for you.