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TRIO/SSS Eligibility & Application Process


TRIO/SSS provides a system of personal and academic support to help students reach their goal of college graduation.

You may qualify for the program if you are any of the following:
  • a first generation college student with neither parent having earned a bachelor’s degree

  • a student with financial need as established by federal guidelines

  • a student with a disability who needs specifically designed instructional materials, modified physical facilities, or related services in order to participate fully in opportunities offered by CCC&TI

  • a student with academic need, as defined by TRIO/SSS
For more information, contact:
Becky Boone
TRIO/SSS Counselor
Julie Parsons
TRIO Academic Specialist
Diane Mazza
Watauga TRIO/SGA Coordinator
297-2185 x5279

Application Process

For more information and to see if you qualify for the TRIO/SSS Program, please call Becky Boone at 828.726.2729. You may also call Pat Pritchard at 828.726.2726 to schedule an appointment with Becky.