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What is TYLL?

TYLL stands for TRIO Youth Leadership League

Purposes of TYLL

The purposes of the TRIO Youth Leadership League are to:

  • develop leaders among TRIO/ETS high-school students;
  • learn about TRIO across the country; and
  • spark new thinking by TRIO/ETS students on envisioned futures for them and for Caldwell County;
  • make connections to 21st Century learning content in support of the North Carolina State Board of Education’s mission.
Caldwell County TRIO/ETS students who are current sophomores and juniors (priority given to juniors), have at least a 3.0 GPA, have not had out-of-school suspension, meet with their TRIO/ETS counselor regularly, and have fulfilled TRIO/ETS expectations, are invited to apply.  TYLL membership applications are released in November.