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TRIO First-Generation Statements

When the TRIO/ETS staff started working together, each of us wrote our own "first-generation" statement.  Why?  Because we know that each person has a unique "first-generation" college story that can inspire others to study hard and...enroll in college!

And guess what? Many others in Caldwell County have written their first-generation statements for you to read.

But this is the REALLY COOL part – hundreds of you have written your stories!  In fact, all TRIO/SSS students write their first-generation stories as a requirement under CCC&TI's Write On! program. These are wonderful, inspiring statements of who you are and who you want to be when you are college students and adults.

All "first-generation" stories are placed in the TRIO collection in the TRIO Center.  Come read the stories whenever you wish!

And if you've not written your TRIO First-Generation Statement, please think about it.  E-mail it to us or give it to your TRIO/ETS counselor.  We'll add it to the TRIO/ETS collection.

Example TRIO First-Generation Statements

Being the first-generation in my family is a great accomplishment for me and my family.  My parents have always pushed me to do well in school and I thank them for that.  Going to college is very special because some aren’t as lucky to get in or have the money to pay for it.  I am very blessed and proud that I am the first-generation to go to college.  Through my classes and training, I hope to make a big impact on the world.
—Tiffany Greene, G. Lewis Bernhardt Scholar, class of 2007

I have been very blessed with all the opportunities I’ve had with TRIO/ETS.  If it wasn’t for this program I would not have been able to get as much information that I needed to start early on applying to colleges, scholarships, and college trips.  The trips were always planned with fun activities for us to do while we were visiting each college.  It also gave me a better idea what to expect from the community surrounding each college.  Which is also very important to me, because I want to be in an atmosphere I feel comfortable and know I will be able to do my best in.
—Lyndsey Hartsoe, G. Lewis Bernhardt Fellow, class of 2007

My name is Josh Johnson, and I was a member of TRIO/ETS for almost 5 years.  Every experience I shared with TRIO/ETS helped me make decisions about college or financial aid and even helped me do better in class by giving me study tips throughout high school.  Every campus we visited was interesting, like the Western Carolina over-night trip where we went to the Cherokee Reservation and the largest dam in North Carolina.  TRIO/ETS united its members whether they were already close friends or didn’t even live in the same part of the state.

My mother was right there with TRIO/ETS in giving an encouraging word, not caring where I would go to school after South Caldwell because she had never made it as far as I have.   If I forgot to get a form filled out for a scholarship, TRIO/ETS would be there to remind me and even help if I was unsure of the process.  I’m not sure if I would be here whether or not I had joined, but I can bet I wouldn’t be as informed if I hadn’t.
—Josh Johnson, class of 2007