Gloria Roberts – Future Occupational Therapist

“I’m very thankful for the education I received at CCC&TI. It’s a foundation I can build my future on!”

Connecticut native Gloria Roberts says that the day she saw a billboard for Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute was a day that changed her life. After growing up in a house that was less than enthusiastic about the value of a college education, she says she moved from one menial, dead-end job to another and was looking for a change. “One day, I just plopped a map of the United States down in front of mom and said ‘Let’s get out of here!’” she says with a laugh. By chance, the two ended up near Granite Falls, NC,looking to make a fresh start for themselves.Gloria Roberts Roberts says she had a hard time finding a job and one day passed a billboard for CCC&TI. On a whim, she decided to check out the community college and see what it had to offer. In the span of one day, Roberts came to the Caldwell campus of CCC&TI, applied, took her placement tests, registered for classes, received her new schedule of general education courses and attended her first class.

Roberts says that being able to attend class that same day helped her get over her nervousness about attending college. “If I had gone home that day with my schedule, I probably would have had too much time to think about it. I would have gotten scared and cancelled the classes thinking I wasn’t smart enough and wouldn’t be able to do it,” she says “But getting that first day of class out of the way helped me get over that fear and I knew I could do it.” Roberts earned her general education credits at CCC&TI with Phi Theta Kappa national honors and then transferred to Lenoir Rhyne University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree, Magna Cum Laude, and is now working toward her Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.

Roberts says she wants to use her education to help people who have disabilities due to an accident or other medical condition learn or re-learn everyday life skills. Roberts says the support that she received while attending CCC&TI helped her discover the value of education and her own capabilities as well. “CCC&TI played a huge role in my success,” she says. “My experience at Caldwell really boosted my self-esteem and confidence. CCC&TI allowed me to be involved in clubs and student activities, to participate in social and cultural activities, and receive needed educational support with the TRIO program, of which I am now an active alumni member and supporter! CCC&TI allowed me to meet so many wonderful instructors who really cared about their students, about me and about my success. I’m very thankful for the education I received at CCC&TI. It’s a foundation I can build my future on!”