Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

Success Coaching at CCC&TI

Success Coaching at CCC&TI

Success Coaches help our students reach their goals by teaching them how to:

  • identify their own strengths and challenges
  • get access to available college and community resources
  • develop persistence and resilience skills

Students can find out who their assigned Success Coach is by logging in to their Watermark-Aviso app, located within their MyCCCTI account. Success Coaches reach out to students to offer guidance, support and information throughout the college journey, from start to finish. They supplement the work of our admissions specialists and academic advisors, as part of a larger student success team.

Success Coaches may also contact you if you begin to struggle with grades or attendance to help you develop an academic improvement plan or to connect you with college and community resources.

Students are also invited and encouraged to get in touch with their assigned Success Coach if at any time they need additional support, access to resources or other assistance during their time as a student at CCC&TI.

CCC&TI's Success Coaches