Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Appendix T — CCC&TI Financial Aid Office Administrative Policy

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

For financial aid recipients, FSEOG funds will be disbursed by the following method:

  • EFC must be 0 and
  • The student must meet Satisfactory Academic Standards as set by the US Department of Education. 
  • Amounts of disbursements will be determined by credit hour enrollment status at first of term disbursement date.  The disbursement amounts will be as follows:
    • Full-time (12 - or more credit hours) = $300 per semester
    • Three-Quarter to Half-Time (6-11 credit hours) = $150 per semester
    • Less than half-time (1-5 credit hours) = $75 per semester

Revised 10/2006 for 2006/2007 Academic Year