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Eligibility for Disability Services

In order to be eligible for services through Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute’s Disability Services, a student should meet the following criteria:

  • Student must be enrolled full or part-time in one of the college’s programs.
  • The student will provide the college with documentation that contains a diagnostic statement and DSM IV number.
  • The evaluation must have been performed within the past three years in order to be current for the college’s purposes. For psychological disabilities, the evaluation needs to have taken place within the past year.
  • The documentation should include a description of substantial limitation(s) as they relate to meeting the demands of the academics that the student will encounter at CCC & TI in his or her program.
  • How the determination of limitations was determined must be included in the documentation.
  • Documentation should also include the following items:
    1. The date the evaluation took place.
    2. The method(s) of evaluation/examination.
    3. The description of the specific limitation with respect to the disability ’s current impact on the student’s educational endeavors.
    4. Current medications and expectation of affects on cognitive functioning.
  • The documentation should be presented to Disability Services on letterhead and signed by a medical or mental health practitioner who is:
    1. Not immediately related to the student or student’s family.
    2. Licensed/certified in the area for which the diagnosis is made.

Types of documentation that are considered insufficient by the college include the following:

  • IEPs and 504 plans, although providing information about a student, are not sufficient to qualify a student for services.
  • Documentation consisting only of a diagnosis, case or chart notes, and/or prescription notations is insufficient to qualify for services and subsequent accommodations.
  • Note: In cases where the documentation is insufficient, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with his or her service provider for additional information.
  • Documentation that is presented in a time frame that does not allow the college adequate time to arrange for accommodations is considered unacceptable.

At CCC&TI Disability Services, we do not diagnose an impairment or a disability. However, we do assess whether the impairment substantially limits a major life activity, and we use the documentation provided to assist us in making that judgment.