What is the QEP?

The Quality Enhancement Plan is part of CCC&TI's SACS reaffirmation process. Every institution that belongs to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) must develop and execute a QEP in order to have their SACS accreditation reaffirmed.

CCC&TI's QEP, Enhancing Writing – Write On!, is a product of extensive discussions and deliberations throughout the CCC&TI community. Local employer surveys, internal student and faculty surveys and national surveys all point to the importance of written communication skills in our students' ability to succeed in both their college and future professional careers.

As evidenced by the 2005 CCC&TI Faculty Perception Survey, an overwhelming majority of faculty indicated that our entering freshman are not prepared for college writing, and 75% of faculty indicated that 41-100% of their students demonstrated significant weaknesses with writing.

On a national level, American companies spend as much as $3.1 billion annually remediating employee writing deficiencies, according to the 2004 National Commission on Writing survey of 120 major U.S. corporations.

In addition to local and national indicators pointing to a need for better writing skills, internal Strategic Plan initiatives were inline with the need for enhanced writing skills. It became clear that Enhancing Writing Write On! was the direction to take for the institution.

The complete Quality Enhancement Plan report (PDF) covers the rationale of CCC&TI's QEP in greater detail, and we urge you to explore this document when you can.