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Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography

This program is designed for the working adult. These courses provide the necessary education and clinical experience for a registered technologist in radiography, nuclear medicine, or radiation therapy to pursue post primary certification in computed tomography. CAT 7000 is an online course providing the necessary didactic education. CAT 7001 will provide the opportunity to complete the specific procedural requirements. Students must be enrolled in CAT 7000 before they can enroll in CAT 7001. This program is designed where you can only take the didactic education section or both the didactic and clinical together.

Didactic Section

The 32 weeks of didactic section is all on-line, with easy access to the instructors. Cross sectional anatomy with CT anatomy, CT procedures with patient care, CT physics, and CT pathology are covered. The program is designed just like you are attending college courses. During the first 16 weeks, cross sectional anatomy with CT anatomy and CT procedures with patient care are covered together, so that they will coincide anatomically. During the last 16 weeks, we will cover CT physics and CT pathology. The schedule provides time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Easter.

Computed Tomography Technician at work

Clinical Section

The clinical section provides hands on experience for 26 weeks at local hospitals and outpatient imaging centers while completing the required computed tomography competencies for the ARRT. To become competent in computed tomography, 16 hours of clinical time is required each week. These hours are flexible. The hours can be performed at any time the clinical site is open with prior approval from the clinical site. These flexible hours include, days, evenings, nights, and weekends. To exchange dosimetry badges and talk about any topics or concerns, we will meet at the college on first Tuesday of each month from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If you are not able to attend these monthly meetings, we can make other arrangements.


The topics have been grouped into one course to keep the cost low. CAT 7000 is $180. Textbooks are an additional cost.

CAT 7001 CT Clinical is $199. This includes the course fee of $180, $6 for accident insurance, and $13 malpractice. We will require students to use Castle Branch to onboard for the clinic rotation. This will include an updated background check, drug screen, and list of vaccinations. There will also be a cost for uniforms and travel to clinical sites.


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