Caldwell Campus Map

Map Legend

Area Building Area Building
Advising Center Building F High School Equivalency/AHS/ESL/Pre-job Building G
Academic Support Center Building F Greenhouse Greenhouse
Admissions/Registrar Building F Gym Building E GYM
Art Classes Building S Health Sciences Wing Building E
ASU Center Building H Human Resources Building A
College and Career Readiness Building G Industrial Building J
BLET/EPT Building D Industrial Labs Building J Building B Building G
Bookstore Building E Bookstore Institutional Effectiveness Building A
Business Office Building A Business Office LRC/Library Building E Library
Cafeteria Building E Maintenance Building M
NCWorks Career Planning and Placement Center Building F Marketing & Communications Building E
Caldwell Early College High School Building K President's Office Building A
Career Center Middle College Building J Print Shop Building B
Career Services Building F Seila Gallery Building S
Compensatory Education Building G S.G.A. Office Building E
Computer Services/Lab Building F Student Lounge Building E
Corporate & Continuing Ed. Building H Student Services Building F
Cosmetology Building K Television Studio Building B
Counseling Building F Testing Center Building F
Culinary Arts Building K Theatre Building B Theather
Distance Learning Classrooms Building B Distance Learning Classrooms TRIO Building B TRIO
Faculty Offices Building E Weight Room Building D Weight Room
Financial Aid Building F Writing Center Building F
Foundation Office Building A