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Prepared for the 21st Century

Interested in other cultures, international travel,international and global business, foreign languages or service learning opportunities with a global focus?

Take a look at CCC&TI’s Global Scholar Program.

In this program, students will gain:

  • Greater intercultural competency in both academic and professional areas
  • Greater awareness of other cultures
  • Greater competency when dealing with people from other cultures
  • Enhanced ability to integrate the importance of diversity, civic engagement and social responsibility in a global framework
  • Better preparation for successful participation in a dynamic and interconnected world
  • Greater awareness of personal cultural norms and how they shape views and perspectives
  • A unique resume-building credential that appears on the student transcript and will set the Global Scholar apart in a competitive job market

The mission of Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute’s Global Scholar Program is to help students become global citizens that are prepared for both academic and professional endeavors in the interconnected and interdependent world of the 21st century.

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