Global Diversity Efforts

CCC&TI's Definition of Global and Diversity Efforts

Global Awareness is a conceptual understanding based upon an applicable knowledge of global and cultural perspectives. The understanding of concepts that impact the world encompasses, but is not limited to, environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic relations.

Diversity is the recognition of differences and commonalities among people from which they can begin to understand each other. These differences and commonalities include, but are not limited to, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, culture, cognitive ability, life experiences, family situations, and sexual orientation.

CCC&TI embraces global perspective in instruction and services by:

  • Providing professional development and training to employees in global issues and their impact on education;
  • Providing awareness and training in diversity issues to students and employees;
  • Incorporating global perspectives appropriately into instruction, delivery of services, and institutional planning and development;
  • Seeking global opportunities for institutional advancement.
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