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Furniture Institute

Furniture Institute

For more than a century, Western North Carolina has been the nation’s leader in furniture manufacturing. It is from these historic ties that the CCC&TI Furniture Technology Institute is born. This program was developed using decades of partnerships and collaborations with local furniture manufacturers to provide students with the necessary skills for successful career opportunities in furniture.

All Furniture Technology Institute classes are hands-on and provide real-world training from experienced professionals in a simulated factory.

Interested? Train for a furniture career today at CCC&TI’s Furniture Technology Institute.


Industrial sewing machine operators operate or tend sewing machines to join, reinforce, decorate, or perform related sewing operations in the manufacturing of garment or non-garment products. They produce many different types of products including upholstery for furniture and wearable garments. They also work with a variety of fabrics that range from nylon to leather.

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Woman using an industrial sewing machine


Upholsters manufacture and restore furniture covered in fabric and leather. They produce new furniture such as sofas, armchairs, ottomans and dining room chairs. They also restore worn upholstered furniture. A skilled upholster is able to combine a knowledge of fabrics, leathers, and other materials with an artistic flair and technical skills. Upholsters should have an eye for detail and enjoy working with their hands.

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Man leaning on an upholstery chair


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