The Foundation of CCC and TI, Inc.
2014 Board of Directors

Dr. Kenneth A. Boham - CCC&TI President
Ms. Margaret (Peg) M. Broyhill - Chair
Ms. Deborah Murray - Vice Chair
Ms. Barbara Weiller - Secretary
Ms. Karen Ford - - Treasurer

The Honorable Beverly T. Beal
Mr. Stewart Beall
Dr. H. Edwin Beam Business People
Mr. Hunt Broyhill
Mr. Rick Coffey
Ms. Karen Ford
Mr. Joe L. Gibbons
Ms. Nancy Hemphill
Mr. Douglas W. Johnson
Ms. Joan McGee
Mr. Lewis G. Norman, III
Ms. Shirley Orrell
Mr. Fred R. Piercy
Ms. Mary Frances Sullivan
Ms Camela Tomlinson
Mr. Guy A. Walters, Jr.
Mr. Marty G. Waters

Ms. Marla Christie - Executive Director
Ms. Lynn Holder - Accountant
Ms. Linda S. Lawson - Program Assistant