Faculty & Staff Work Order Procedures

These procedures must be followed to insure that the requests are fulfilled in accordance with the Administrative Support and Facilities Services mission and goals

Work Order Request Policy and Procedures

Work order requests are submitted by following these steps:

  • Click on the 7th bullet WebAdvisor login
  • Click login at top
  • Enter user Name and Password (Log in help to right)
  • Click Submit
  • Click Faculty to right
  • Click on the Request work order for maintenance and repairs at the bottom to the right.

Fill out all information on Work Order Request Form

  • Click Submit at bottom of form
  • Fill out description of work order to be done
  • Click Submit

Message appears, "Your work order request has been received."

Work Order Request Priorities

The following table shows the priorities and defines each. The priorities are subject to review and may at discretion be changed.

Priority Description Target 
Completion Time
1  Emergency/Critical/Life Safety Issue  Immediate
2  Immediate Completed within 1 day
(24 hrs.)
3  Time specific, e.g. Move date/time, 
Needed for class, etc.*
On time
4  Routine Completion within 7 work days
5  Within Two Weeks Completion within 14 work days
6  Within a Month Completion within 30 days
7  Within Three Months Completion within 90 days
8  Within Six Months Completion within 180 days
9  Within One Year Completion within 365 days