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CCC&TI Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by The Foundation of CCC&TI. Contact the Foundation office at 828.726.2260 for additional information. Return to the Foundation webpage.

Name Application Deadline

External Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by the Financial Aid Office of CCC&TI. Contact the Financial Aid office at 828.726.2713 for additional information. Return to the Financial Aid webpage.

Name Scholarship Description
Allen Ryan Todd Scholarship

Deadline is:
August 31, 2018 at noon
The Allen Ryan Todd Scholarship was established to honor the life and enthusiasm for learning of Allen Ryan Todd. The scholarship symbolizes his family's belief that we are here not just to further our own ends, but also to contribute to a larger purpose. In that spirit, scholarship, service, and a desire to help other committed individuals are crucial elements. Recipients of this scholarship will demonstrate merit and commitment to further their education and honoring the memory of Allen Ryan Todd.
Wells Fargo Technical Scholarship

Deadline is:
August 31, 2018 at Noon
To qualify as a candidate you must meet the following criteria:
- Be a full-time student enrolled in the second year of a two-year educational/technical program
- Demonstrate financial need
- Demonstrate scholastic promise
- Use the scholarship to pay for tuition, books, and/or transportation

Scholarship recipients will receive $500 for the academic year: $250 Fall term and $250 Spring term.
Golden LEAF Scholars Program

Deadline is:
October 12, 2018 at Noon
Golden LEAF Scholars Program for Two Year Colleges Curriculum Scholarship Opportunity
The Golden LEAF Foundation aims to increase economic opportunity in North Carolina's rural and tobacco-dependent communities through leadership in grants making, collaboration, innovation, and stewardship as an independent and perpetual foundation.

Award Amount
The program will provide grants of up to $750 per semester, including summer term, for curriculum students and up to $250 per semester for students enrolled in occupational programs. Awards can be applied to tuition, fees, books, supplies at the community college where enrolled, transportation, child care expenses related to attending classes, and mid-skills credential testing upon course completion.
OEDb, Open Education Database

Deadline is:
Various Dates
The American Association for University Women recently reported that 53% of women have high student loan debt just one year after graduation, compared to 39% of men. Many women also face the added difficulties of trying to go to college for the first time later in life, returning to school after long gaps of time, and attaining a degree while being a single parent.

To help make college more accessible for them, college planning experts at developed two holistic financial aid guides specifically for women. It breaks down available grants, scholarships, and fellowships, along with useful tips and tricks. You can find them at: and
NC Division of Veterans Affairs Scholarship

Deadline is:
Available all year
For more information contact:
The Caldwell County Veterans Service Office (828.575.1345)
The NC Division of Veterans Affairs District Office (828.430.7136)
North Carolina Education And Training Voucher Program

Deadline is:
Available all year
Scholarship applications are available online at: