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Distance Learning Downloads

This page provides links to a number of software helper applications to assist you in your learning experience.

Please be sure to allow yourself enough time to download these files, some of them are very large, and will take 15 minutes or longer to download. I have noted the size and approximate download time on most of the larger files.

The files must then be installed on your computer before they will function. Most of these links come with instructions on how to install the software.

Some of these links go to off-site pages, so they may change, please notify the system administrator if you find one that does not function properly.

Microsoft Word Viewer

With the Microsoft Word Viewer 2003, Microsoft Word users can share documents with those who do not have Word and users without Word can open and view Word documents.

Microsoft Excel Viewer

Microsoft Excel Viewer is a small, freely distributable program that lets users view and print Excel for Windows (versions 2.0 and greater) and Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh (versions 2.2a and greater) spreadsheet files.

Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer 2007

With this release, the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007 also support Powerpoint versions back to 97. This viewer allows you to view Powerpoint presentations even if you don't have Powerpoint installed on your computer.

Macromedia Flash

Macromedia Shockwave

Real Player

RealPlayer 8 Basic Complete Download: 13 MB
RealPlayer 8 Basic Standard Download: 9.8 MB
RealPlayer 8 Basic Minimum Download: 4.7 MB