Information Services: GroupWise Support

If you have a technical problem to report, please submit a ticket via our Online HelpDesk for better support.

About Groupwise

Novell Groupwise allows us to:

  • send e-mail internally and externally
  • keep personal calendars
  • manage address books
  • share calendars with others in the organization
  • create and manage task lists
  • create and send appointments to other Groupwise users

You can access your Groupwise account (including e-mail, calendars, tasks, etc.) from your office computer or you can access it from home or while you're away at a conference on any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser.

Who gets Groupwise

All full-time and part-time employees currently get Groupwise accounts. To request an account for a new employee, please complete a form below:

Procedures for requesting email accounts are as follows:

  • When new full time or permanent part-time employees are hired, Human Resources will complete the GroupWise Account Request Form and submit it to the GroupWise Administrator. Part-time employee e-mail accounts should be submitted to the GroupWise Administrator by the employee’s immediate supervisor or designee. GroupWise Account Request Forms can be found on the college Intranet. When full-time or permanent part-time employees are terminated, HR will notify the GroupWise Administrator via e-mail. 
    When part-time employees are terminated, the employee’s immediate supervisor or designee will notify the GroupWise Administrator via e-mail.
  • New employees are also required to register for GroupWise training when available at the faculty/staff training area of the college website.
  • Each year, vice presidents will be distributed a list of all employees with GroupWise accounts in their departments. Lists must be audited each year to identify errors or any employee no longer employed with the college. These lists should be returned to the GroupWise administrator by the date requested.