College Compass

College Compass classes are designed for adults who wish to improve their academic and independent living skills. The classes are planned to help students acquire basic skills to develop abilities needed to become more independent and self-directed and to meet and manage community, social, work, and personal adult responsibilities.

Classes are available in Caldwell and Watauga counties.  Classes and materials are free. 
For more information, call (828) 726-2275 or 726-2230 (Caldwell) or (828) 297-5253 (Watauga)

Goals and Objectives

  • Students will become more independent and self-directed.
  • Students will learn to meet and manage community, social, work and personal adult responsibilities.

Instructional Program

  • Basic Education
  • Language
  • Social Science
  • Leisure Education
  • Self-advocacy
  • Math
  • Health
  • Community Living
  • Problem Solving
  • Life Skills
  • Consumer Education
  • Money Management
  • Vocational Education/Pre-employment Skills

The Community Classroom

College Compass Classes utilize the concept of the community classroom. Students are engaged in activities throughout the community that promote self-determination and independence such as:

  • Shopping for groceries, clothes, household items
  • Paying bills and budgeting
  • Job Shadowing
  • Pre-employment skills
  • Using leisure time
  • Recognizing and utilizing community resources
  • Maintaining an independent lifestyle
  • Learning to be an advocate

For more information, contact Ginny Navarro at (828) 726-2275.