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Program Description

The Career Pathways program in College and Career Readiness is a program to transition students earning their High School Equivalency or Adult High School Diplomas into college. The goal is to train and educate them in their chosen career field, and lead them towards a successful professional career. The current careers that are supported in the Career Pathways program are:

Program Opportunities

Students with a grade level equivalent of 6.0+ in Reading:

Students are eligible to enter the Career Pathways program if they are at a 6th grade Reading level. Throughout the program, students participate in classes where they learn about careers and how to plan their future. Students also take academic classes while they continue on their career pathway. Career Pathways classes are free, and are open to any student 16 years of age or older.

Students with a grade level equivalent of 9.0+ in Reading:

Students who are at 9th grade level or above in Reading can work on their high school credential and college classes at the same time. Students are enrolled in both College and Career Readiness and college courses. College and Career Readiness may pay for up to two of those college courses. Taking these classes at the same time allows the student to finish college sooner.


Becoming a Career Pathways student is easy!

Students new to the College and Career Readiness program complete the standard 4-day Orientation & Assessment session followed by a week-long career exploration session. The student can expect to commit to 2 weeks of Orientation before beginning their classes. Orientation will follow up with an appointment with an advisor as well as the Career Pathways Coordinator.

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Students must be at least 16 years of age to register

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are specific pathways offered?
    College and Career Readiness has chosen pathways with the strongest job possibilities in Caldwell and neighboring counties. In addition, each of the Career Pathways at CCC&TI offers several opportunities to earn a credential. These credentials are in the form of certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

  • How will a Career Pathway benefit me?
    Career Pathways students receive all the services available to any College and Career Readiness student. They also receive extra support in advising, help for purchasing textbooks, and tutoring services while the student is taking college classes.

    Those students at a 9th grade Reading level or higher can begin college courses shortly after they enroll in Career Pathways. These students have access to a Success Coach, Career Pathways Coordinator, and a Transition Advisor. These staff members help students with completing the college application, applying for financial aid, choosing classes, and making connections with other college staff who can help them succeed!

    If you are a current student interested in this program, talk to your advisor or instructor TODAY!

  • How does the College and Career Readiness Department help prepare me for a new career?
    Our goal is to help students recognize that a High School Equivalency or AHS Diploma is just a stepping-stone on the pathway to a career that provides wages that can support their families. Students begin thinking about their new career starting in Orientation. This 2-week class helps students consider career possibilities, discover their unique learning styles, and understand their academic strengths and weaknesses. After Orientation, students meet with their advisor to talk about their college and career goals. They may also meet with the Career Pathways Coordinator to begin their career pathway.

  • How does the Career Pathways program help me get into college classes?
    College and Career Readiness provides a Transition Advisor to help each graduate begin college classes. Students receive help with exploring college programs, filling out the college application, and completing financial aid forms. The Career Pathways Coordinator assists with registration and advising.

  • I know that I want to go to college, but I am interested in something at Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute that is currently not one of the listed pathways. What kinds of supports can you offer me?
    It is our goal in College and Career Readiness to serve all students. We strive to help every student transition to college if that is their goal. All High School Equivalency and AHS graduates receive a $200 certificate towards a free class at Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute, helping the student begin his or her postsecondary career. Every graduate meets one-on-one with our Transition Advisor to talk with her about starting college or job training.

Career Pathway Press

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